Square Enix Reveals How to Pronounce Cait Sith’s Name


  • Square Enix confirmed that the name “Cait Sith” is pronounced “Kate Sihth” in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, settling a years-long debate among fans.
  • Fans expressed relief and gratitude to Square Enix for providing the official pronunciation of Cait Sith’s name.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will feature Cait Sith as a playable party member and will include Easter eggs and mini-games at the Gold Saucer.

On social media, Square Enix settled the debate of how to pronounce Cait Sith’s name in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. With a simple picture, the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth developers revealed that Cait Sith’s name is canonically pronounced “Kate Sihth” in the upcoming game. In response, Final Fantasy fans thanked Square Enix for the confirmation.

In all iterations of Final Fantasy 7, Cait Sith was a puppet controlled by Shinra executive Reeve Tuesti, who uses the feline familiar to both aid Cloud and Avalanche and to act as a double agent against Shinra. Cait Sith’s name was never fully pronounced due to the Final Fantasy series lacking voice acting at the time of FF7‘s release, and due to the fact that all party members could be renamed at will. This led to speculation from Final Fantasy 7 players for years, who debated over how the cat-like puppet’s name is pronounced, with some opting for “Kite Shee” as a reference to Cait Sith’s name being Gaelic in origin.

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While the pronunciation of the cat’s name remained a mystery, Square Enix let the cat out of the bag on social media. Though “Kite Shee” was one way to pronounce the name, Square Enix confirmed that “Kate Sihth” would be the way that the character is addressed in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. During the FF7 Rebirth trailer shown at the September 2023 State of Play, Cait Sith was officially confirmed to be a playable party member and had his first spoken lines of dialogue. In the trailer, Cloud encountered Cait Sith at the Gold Saucer, and asked them about Sephiroth’s whereabouts, to which the puppet responded curiously.

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On social media, the response to the Cait Sith’s name confirmation was mostly positive. Some Final Fantasy 7 players expressed their relief to know that the pronunciation of “Kate Sihth” was chosen as the official one after many years of debate. In addition to meeting Cait Sith, the Gold Saucer of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will host plenty of Easter eggs and mini-games to satisfy both new players and series veterans. It remains to be seen how far in the story of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth players will need to play in order to recruit Cait Sith into the fold.

Though the matter of Cait Sith’s name is settled, Square Enix still has the entirety of the third part’s story to draft and finalize. But with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth only a few months away, only time will tell how the creative process will go.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches on February 29, 2024, for PS5.

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