Star Citizen Confirms Major Squadron 42 Update


  • Squadron 42, the single-player component of Star Citizen, is entering its final stages of development according to a deep dive video released at CitizenCon.
  • With over $500 million raised in crowdfunding, Star Citizen is the most expensive video game project ever, featuring a star-studded cast and ambitious scope.
  • While Squadron 42 has experienced significant delays, the recent deep dive showcased improved gameplay and visuals, bringing it closer to delivering the promised experience.

Though a game in its own right, Squadron 42 is considered to be the single-player component to Star Citizen, and this year’s CitizenCon has confirmed that the project is entering the final stages of development through the debut of a deep dive video. Star Citizen is a title that has seen an unprecedented amount of feature creep over the years. Some see it as a cautionary tale, others view it as the finest tech demo in gaming history. While Star Citizen continues to release updates that expand its already ambitious scope, few can deny just how awe-inspiring some of its content is.

With no release in sight, and over $500 million raised for Star Citizen in crowdfunding, it is the most expensive video game project of all time, far eclipsing the costly budget of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The money accumulated by Cloud Imperium Games was liberally spent on the development of both Squadron 42 and Star Citizen, as the single-player campaign famously boasts a star-studded cast of Hollywood actors and actresses such as Gary Oldman, Jillian Anderson, and Mark Hamill.

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While Squadron 42 was originally announced with a 2014 release in mind, the Star Citizen spinoff has seen numerous delays over the years, and many players were wondering if it would ever come out. However, at this year’s CitizenCon, Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games gave fans their biggest glimpse into Squadron 42‘s development in years through the release of an official 20-minute deep dive. From cutscenes to gameplay, Squadron 42 looks like a far more polished title than when players saw it last, even though it’s still missing a release date.

Chris Roberts confirmed that Squadron 42 has entered the polishing phase of its development, as the team has shifted its focus on optimizing and fine-tuning the game’s intimidating list of features. Just how long this may take is anyone’s guess, and players shouldn’t expect to see Squadron 42 release any time soon. That being said, many fans seemed excited over the gameplay improvements made for Squadron 42, especially its gunplay and ship battles. Juxtaposed against the static take on space combat and exploration in Starfield, players couldn’t help but feel impressed at how dynamic Squadron 42 looked by comparison.

However, as wondrous as the deep dive may have been, the gaming community remains cautious when it comes to the Star Citizen brand. Though it saw the implementation of groundbreaking technology such as Star Citizen‘s Persistent Entity Streaming, the game has remained in perpetual Alpha since 2015. While Star Citizen may still be several years away from having a release date, the developers have shown that Squadron 42 is a few steps closer to delivering the experience it promised to Kickstarter backers over a decade ago.

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Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are in development for PC.

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