Star Trek: Patrick Stewart Has The Perfect Director In Mind To Bring Back Picard


  • Patrick Stewart desires to create a standalone Picard movie, not a Next Generation film, to expand the universe explored in Star Trek: Picard.
  • Stewart wants Jonathan Frakes, an experienced Star Trek director, to helm the movie and has the support of his co-stars.
  • With the success and strong fan base of Star Trek: Picard, there is a genuine chance for a standalone Picard movie to captivate fans and expand the beloved franchise on the big screen.

Patrick Stewart wants to return as Jean-Luc Picard for a big-screen StarTrek adventure, and he wants his co-star Jonathan Frakes in the director’s chair.

Despite the conclusion of his series Star Trek: Picard, the iconic character’s journey may continue on the big screen. Stewart’s recent comments have given fans hope that they might see an exciting new chapter of Jean-Luc Picard’s life on the biggest screen possible.

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In his memoir Making It So, veteran actor Stewart expressed his desire to create a standalone Picard movie and is urging Paramount for its realization. He emphasizes that this film would not be a Star Trek: The Next Generation movie but an opportunity to further expand the universe explored in StarTrek: Picard. Stewart states, “I am gently pushing Paramount to let us do one single Picard movie. Not a NextGeneration movie, as we have already done four of those. This would be an expansion and deepening of the universe as we’ve seen it in StarTrek: Picard.” The actor also emphasizes that he wants Jonathan Frakes to direct the movie. He added, “I’ve discussed this with Jonathan, Brent, and LeVar, and they are all game. Jonathan is my first choice to direct it.”

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Jonathan Frakes William Riker Star Trek Picard

Frakes boasts an impressive resume as a director and has helmed 28 StarTrek TV episodes spanning six series. He also directed two theatrical StarTrek movies, FirstContact and Insurrection. Recently, he directed the critically acclaimed Star Trek: Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds crossover episode Those Old Scientists and seamlessly transitioned the former show’s animated characters to live-action.

StarTrek: Picard is undoubtedly a highly acclaimed TV series, garnering numerous Primetime Emmy nominations and consistently landing in the Top 10 Nielsen ratings for streaming. This success indicates a strong fan base and their potential excitement for a film that continues the story of Picard and his crew. With its impressive accolades and popularity, it is clear that there is a genuine chance for a standalone Picard movie to captivate fans and further expand the beloved Star Trek universe on the big screen.

Stewart’s response to movie rumors regarding his iconic character isn’t new. In June 2023, the veteran actor said he wants to see Picard reuniting with his co-stars for TheNextGeneration movie. At last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, he expressed interest in a Picard movie, calling it an “interesting” adventure. It will be exciting to see how Paramount is moving ahead with the idea of a Picard movie. If they make it official, it would start an exhilarating new chapter in the StarTrek franchise.

StarTrek: Picardis streaming now on Paramount Plus.

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Source: Making It So (via Collider)

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