Stardew Valley Dev Teases Haunted Chocolatier Game With New Screenshots


  • The developer of Haunted Chocolatier, Eric Barone, has released new screenshots of the upcoming action RPG, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect.
  • Fans can find limited information about the game on the developer’s website and YouTube, but the recent screenshots on social media have heightened excitement.
  • While the release date is still unknown, fans are eagerly awaiting the game and offering support to the developer, who is also working on a content update for Stardew Valley.

The sole developer of Haunted Chocolatier has recently released new screenshots of the title, teasing more about what content players can expect from the upcoming action RPG. Known for single-handedly developing the successful farming game Stardew Valley, Eric Barone, or ConcernedApe, has slowly been revealing more details about Haunted Chocolatier since it was revealed in 2021.

Given that Barone only started working on Haunted Chocolatier in 2020, the amount of information about the action RPG available to the public is very limited. The most that fans can know about the video game can be found in the developer’s dedicated website, where they can learn about Haunted Chocolatier‘s basic plot, how it plays, and more. Barone also shared early gameplay videos on YouTube, which provides players a sneak peek of what they can expect. And with more screenshots coming from the dev himself on social media, the fan base’s excitement about indie title will likely only get higher.

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On Twitter, Barone celebrated reaching one million followers on the platform by posting more screenshots about Haunted Chocolatier. They shared four images, each featuring a different scenario from the action RPG. One image has the player’s character inside what seems like a well-decorated home, while another exhibits the player using a bow and arrow to fight off enemies in a forest. The third image features Haunted Chocolatier at night, with the character standing in front of a beautiful fountain, and the final screenshot has the player inside an impressively large library.

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Though the developer’s screenshots are static, fans can still appreciate how much detail has been put into each of these scenarios. One particular Twitter reply seemed to show off excitement about the prospect of using a bow and arrow during battles in Haunted Chocolatier, while most comments are exclamations of excitement about finally playing the game. However, given that Barone has yet to reveal an official time frame for the release title, fans should expect to wait a while until they can experience everything Haunted Chocolatier has to offer.

With the 1.6 content update for Stardew Valley simultaneously being developed alongside Haunted Chocolatier, Barone definitely has a lot on their plate right now. Hopefully they can keep strong as they make steady progress on their work. Given how the gaming community has been reacting to every post by the developer, it does not seem like they have anything to fear. The fan base will most likely provide support and encouragement, should the dev take any breaks in the future.

Haunted Chocolatier is currently in development for PC.

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