Stardew Valley Player Earns 200 Million Gold in Their First Two Years


  • Stardew Valley player earns an impressive 200 million gold in their first two years, without mods or exploits, showing others how to potentially earn lots of gold.
  • The open-ended nature of Stardew Valley allows players to enjoy the game at their own pace, pursuing various goals such as befriending townsfolk, perfecting farms, or earning money.
  • Lenneth1031’s detailed process and strategies, including planting Starfruit and ancient fruit, setting up over 8000 kegs, and utilizing clay and big sheds, helped them achieve their remarkable earnings.

A Stardew Valley player has earned a staggering amount of money in their first two years of the game, revealing how they earned 200 million gold. The impressive feat was accomplished without any mods or major exploits, and with some effort, other players can potentially earn lots of gold in Stardew Valley early on in the game.

There’s no real wrong way to play Stardew Valley, as the game’s open-ended nature and endless seasons allow players to enjoy the title at their own pace. Whether fans spend in-game years befriending townsfolk, perfecting their farms, or earning a ton of money, players have found enjoyment in playing and replaying the game with a variety of goals to pursue.

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One such player is Reddit user Lenneth1031, who shared their impressive accomplishment with fellow fans on the site’s Stardew Valley forum. A series of images detailed their process through the seasons, starting out with a small crop of kale in their front yard, regular Skull Cavern expeditions, and fishing to earn gold. In the summer, they switched to Starfruit and continued their efforts in Skull Cavern. In the fall of the first year, they focused on pumpkins and clay, while in the winter, they continued digging up clay to produce garden pots, and took the time to build several big sheds to house them.

Once the spring of the second year rolled around, the sheds were entire filled with garden pots and Starfruit crops. While Starfruit earns quite a bit on its own, Lenneth1031 also produced ancient fruit. Crops earn more money if they’re converted into preserves or wine, and Lenneth1031 set up over 8000 kegs accordingly, spreading them out all over the area around their farm as well as on Ginger Island. While accomplishing all of this was a grind, their work certainly paid off.

Fellow fans commenting on the post were astonished at Lenneth1031’s achievement, and commended their effort and dedication to the feat. While some were impressed, some were even discouraged when thinking about their own earnings by comparison. Thankfully, Lenneth1031 provided a very in-depth explanation about how they accomplished each and every step. While anyone following along would have to follow a strict schedule to pull it off, the OP’s blueprint could help others to earn a ton early on in the game.

Whether fans are finding new ways to challenge themselves with existing content or adding mods to Stardew Valley, the game keeps many players coming back for more. With the Stardew Valley 1.6 update in the works, its fresh content and fan strategies like these likely mean that the game isn’t going to lose its popularity anytime soon.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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