Stardew Valley Player Makes Neat Keychains Based on the Game


  • A fan of Stardew Valley has created keychains based on the game’s chickens, allowing fans to take a piece of the game with them in the real world.
  • The creator made keychain designs featuring the white, brown, blue, gold, and void variants of the game’s chicken. They even added an egg for each of the designs.
  • The chicken keychains have gained approval from the community on Reddit, showcasing the demand for real-life merchandise inspired by the popular indie game.

One artistic Stardew Valley fan has made keychains based on the game’s variety of chickens. Thanks to this new fan art, Stardew Valley fans can take a piece of the game with them when they travel in the real world.

While Stardew Valley was released in 2016, the hype surrounding the game has reached some of its highest levels recently. This surge in excitement regarding the game comes from the future update 1.6 for Stardew Valley, which is being teased by ConcernedApe. The new update promises to bring a bunch of new content, including festivals, winter outfits, a new farm type, and much more. As players continue to play the game and anticipate new content, many have shown their enthusiasm by creating fan art based on the intricate world surrounding Pelican Town.

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Taking to Reddit, agentsometime showcased a collection of keychains based on one of the game’s animals: chickens. Five variations of the design were shown in the image shared by the creator, each appearing to be composed of beads and a chain. Based on the picture, agentsometime made keychains based on white, brown, blue, gold, and void variations of the chickens in Stardew Valley. Not only did the creator have impressive sprite designs replicating the look of each chicken, but they also attached a corresponding egg for each keychain.

These Stardew Valley-themed keychains have gained the approval of the community on Reddit, evidencing the demand for real-life merchandise inspired by the indie game. Many in the comment section talked about their favorite variety of the in-game animal, with some wondering if the creator made a version featuring Stardew Valley‘s Dinosaur. Fortunately, agentsometime quickly responded, noting they had made one based on the prehistoric creature but were still deciding if the art should include an egg. Furthermore, some gamers inquired about purchasing these chicken-themed keychains, to which the creator revealed they were selling them and linked their Etsy page in the Reddit comments.

In addition to these impressive fan-made chicken keychains, it is worth pointing out that gamers have the opportunity to purchase an official piece of merchandise based on the game. Recently, pre-orders became available for The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook, which has been developed by ConcernedApe and Ryan Novak. As the name suggests, this book contains real-life recipes based on the numerous dishes found within the indie game.

As players continue to wait for update 1.6 for Stardew Valley to be released, it will be interesting to see what other creations are made by fans in the coming weeks. Perhaps, agentsometime will make even more keychains inspired by the game.

Stardew Valley is available for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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