Stardew Valley Player Makes Real-Life Prismatic Shard


  • Players of Stardew Valley are creating real-life versions of prismatic shards, a rare and versatile mineral in the game.
  • A gamer named HighAlchemy3D made a 3D printed version of the prismatic shard and is selling them to allow fans to have a piece of Stardew Valley in real life.
  • Other gamers are also creating real-life items from Stardew Valley, such as a wood sculpture of a chicken, showcasing their love for the game and bringing it into the real world.

A Stardew Valley player made a physical version of the prismatic shards found in the game. People love bringing aspects of their favorite titles into real life, creating amazing pieces of art utilizing a number of different mediums to express their appreciation for the hobby. Players will make real-world versions of items from games such as Stardew Valley, bringing a little bit of the fantasy into their actual lives.

The prismatic shards found in Stardew Valley are a rare mineral that can be used for a number of different things. Players can use them to obtain the galaxy sword or to enhance tools in the forge, among other things. The prismatic shard is also a universally loved gift for every character in the game except for Haley.

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A Reddit user named HighAlchemy3D shared an image of something that they had made with their 3D printer. The item is a real-life prismatic shard that they modeled to look like the item seen in Stardew Valley. According to HighAlchemy3D, what they made is their interpretation of what they thought the prismatic shard would look like in the real world. The artist also mentioned that they are selling them, allowing gamers to have a piece of Stardew Valley in real life.

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Gamers seem to like HighAlchemy3D’s interpretation of the prismatic shard, as they have gotten the artist’s post to over 1,000 upvotes. One commenter stated that the artist translated how the item looks in the game really well in real life and that it’s a nice piece that’s recognizable. One gamer mentioned that they are about to get themselves a galaxy sword, while another said that the design could make for a good cake. HighAlchemy3D’s take on the prismatic shard does look nice and helps Stardew Valley fans bring the game a little closer to home.

HighAlchemy3D is not the only gamer creating items from ConcernedApe’s life simulator in the real world. A Redditor named DapperDodoYT shared images of a chicken from Stardew Valley that they made in real life on wood. The creature keeps its pixelated look from the game and sits in a chicken coop surrounded by actual animals. The images that DapperDodoYT posted give a little insight into their process when making the item, helping show gamers what went into creating the piece. The work looks great and is another awesome example of a player bringing a portion of a title that they love into the real world.

Stardew Valley is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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