Stardew Valley Player Shows Off Impressive Aquarium Room Design


  • A Stardew Valley fan creates an incredible nautical-themed aquarium room dedicated to fishing, showcasing their love for the game mechanic.
  • The room features a stunning design with ocean blue flooring, underwater wallpaper, fish tanks filled with iconic fish, and beach-inspired decor.
  • Fans of Stardew Valley appreciate the attention to detail in the aquarium room and enjoy sharing their own unique creations with the dedicated community.

One of the most iconic and renowned life-sim games, Stardew Valley offers a variety of design options, allowing one fan to create an in-game room dedicated to fishing. Many players have long enjoyed fishing in Stardew Valley, and this fan in particular wanted to show their love of the game mechanic with a dedicated aquarium room.

First released in 2016 to massive popularity, Stardew Valley features wholesome vibes and intuitive gameplay, including farming, mining, and fishing. Fishing in Stardew Valley is often highlighted as one of the best ways to earn money during the early game, and many fans dedicated a large portion of their playthroughs to enjoying the sailor’s life.

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Stardew Valley player Irohsgranddaughter shared a look at the beautiful nautical-themed room they designed in the game. Utilizing the south room expansion from Robin, they chose to dedicate the room to fishing. The flooring is a patterned ocean blue, while the underwater wallpaper features seaweed and fish. An anchor and mermaid portrait decorate one wall, with the Wallflower Pal and a Moonlight Jellies banner adding pops of color to the adjacent wall. Four sand-colored box lamps and four houseplants add more contrasting color and a beach vibe. The highlight of the room is the large fish tank in the center, filled with the Stardew Valley Legendary Fish, surrounded by four smaller tanks along the outer walls. Two blue armchairs and a small, white end table complete the oceanic design, offering up a cozy seafaring lounge space.

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Fans of the game’s fishing will enjoy spotting a number of iconic fish in the various tanks. While the central tank holds The Legend, Crimsonfish, Angler, and Glacierfish, the surrounding tanks hold other familiar fins, such as those of the Mutant Carp, Spook Fish, and fan-favorite blobfish. Fellow Stardew Valley fans shared their enjoyment of the aquarium room, noting the intricate details, such as the inclusion of seaweed in the tanks to match the wallpaper. The community is known for sharing unique Stardew Valley fan creations, and this fantastic nautical lounge space is a perfect example of fans supplying the community with fun content.

As players await the upcoming Stardew Valley Update 1.6, fans continue to share their own unique discoveries and creations with the community. The game remains one of the most beloved in the life-sim genre, due to its fun gameplay, expansive customization, and dedicated fan base.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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