Stardew Valley Player Shows Off Neat Hat Store Design


  • Stardew Valley fan creates a charming hat store in-game inspired by the hat-selling mouse, showcasing various headgear available in the RPG.
  • Players praise the creativity and adorable design of the hat store, with some learning about the ability to put hats on alien scarecrows through the post.
  • With new items coming in the 1.6 update, fans hope for more hat designs and further expansion of the hat shop in the future.

A Stardew Valley fan has turned one of their in-game Big Sheds into a cute little hat store, allowing them to show off a good deal of different headgear that players can collect in the game. The fan was inspired by the mouse in Stardew Valley that sells hats in the Abandoned House, and gives other players a great idea on how they can display their favorite headpieces in the farming sim RPG.

With ConcernedApe, or Eric Barone, providing more details about Stardew Valley‘s 1.6 update recently, the game’s community likely felt a renewed sense of excitement towards the farming sim. According to the developer, the 1.6 update will add late-game and end-game content, several new festivals, more dialogues with Pelican Town’s residents, and even eight-player support for the PC version. However, even if fans are probably very excited about the new update, it will likely not stop them from making content about whatever is already available in Stardew Valley‘s current version.

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On Reddit, user YuffiePlinPlinPlon posted a photo of how they turned their Stardew Valley Big Shed into a hat store, featuring many of the hats that can be accumulated in the farming sim. According to the designer, they were inspired by the hat mouse found in the Abandoned House in Cindersap Forest, stating that the mouse’s business grew, and now they have a “great hat store.” The layout of the store is simple, but fellow fans will likely appreciate how the YuffiePlinPlinPlon meticulously aligned the alien scarecrows to perfectly show off each hat they are wearing. They even added a register and counter where the mouse statue watches over their hat store.

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Given how flexible Big Sheds are in Stardew Valley, it is not surprising how creative players can get when designing them. Fellow fans on Reddit seemed to think that YuffiePlinPlinPlon’s idea was a clever idea and an adorable way to showcase their hats. Some pointed out that they only learned about being able to put hats on alien scarecrows through their post. And even though the design only serves aesthetic purposes, it likely brought a smile to the faces of Stardew Valley fans who know the significance of the mouse and their hats.

With new items being added to Stardew Valley‘s upcoming 1.6 patch, it is anybody’s guess if the developer will drop more hat designs in the update. Hopefully they do, and that this creator shares how they plan to expand their hat shop to show off the hypothetical new head pieces in the future.

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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