Starfield Clip Shows Off 20 Different Frozen Planet Biomes


  • Starfield offers a diverse range of frozen planets for exploration, with each planet featuring unique biomes and resources to discover.
  • Players can sell survey data from these worlds for passive rewards and build outposts to harvest resources, such as metals found in mountain ranges or wetlands.
  • Although some players find the lack of a land vehicle and variety in Points of Interest repetitive, the upcoming release of official modding tools in 2024 is expected to address these issues and allow players to create new planets with exotic biomes.

Starfield has plenty of varied worlds for players to explore, and there’s no better way to showcase all the diversity than with a video that tours twenty of the frozen planets scattered throughout the Settled Systems. While Fallout 4 had the task of depicting the irradiated wilderness of the Commonwealth, and Skyrim tried to capture an idyllic Nordic landscape, Starfield takes on a much more ambitious undertaking by having to portray a wide collection of planets with all sorts of biomes. Players who thoroughly investigate these worlds can sell survey data in Starfield, and are thus passively rewarded for exploring.

Another way to engage with the diverse procedurally generated planets of Starfield is by building an outpost on one of its biomes and reaping its resources. Metals such as Iron can often be found near a planet’s mountain range, while Aluminum can instead be found near wetlands and swamps (as is the case with Leviathan IV). While planets play a key role in Starfield‘s gameplay, it’s also important to sometimes pause from gathering and scanning, and instead take in the sights.

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Ultimastar managed to record footage from over 20 different planets in Starfield, focusing exclusively on Frozen Plains, and posted it as a video on the official Starfield subreddit. The landscapes are certainly stunning, and some worlds such as Moloch II and Huygens IV even manage to evoke that cozy Skyrim atmosphere. In addition to Frozen Plains, Ultimastar also captured the beauty of Starfield‘s Deciduous Forests, Swamps, Savannas, and Hills, with the next video in the series tackling the game’s Tropical Forests.

However, if there is one aspect to planetary exploration that annoys Starfield players, it’s the lack of having a land vehicle such as Mass Effect‘s Mako to make traversal faster. Coupled with the lack of variety in Points of Interest, such as pirate bases and abandoned mines, it has somewhat made the experience repetitive. While it remains a contentious topic in the community, Starfield mods are bound to fix the issue once official modding tools release in early 2024.

Another important thing to note is that players will be able to create new planets in Starfield through modding, which will only add to the visual diversity of the Settled Systems. More exotic biomes such as mangroves, mesas, or even fungal forests could become a reality in the near future. While most fans would agree that Bethesda built a great foundation in Starfield, it’s likely that the game’s best years are still to come.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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