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Starfield Fan Designs Impressive Vasco LEGO Set


Using official LEGO pieces, a passionate Starfield fan recreated the robotic companion Vasco from the latest Bethesda title, and the project has a chance to become an official LEGO set. Given the modular nature of Starfield‘s own ship builder, a crossover with LEGO would be fitting, as players have spent countless hours across the shipyards of the Settled Systems in an attempt to assemble the starship of their dreams. The NASA-punk aesthetic has given Starfield a unique identity among games such as Cyberpunk 2077 or No Man’s Sky, and Vasco is perhaps the design that encapsulates the game’s art direction the most.

While Starfield has other companions from Constellation that join the player over the course of the game, Vasco is the only one that uniquely goes along with the player’s less-than-moral actions. This has made him popular with a significant chunk of the community, who have criticized the major companions as being too “uptight” compared to past Bethesda games. Even characters such as Andreja and Barrett who make an impression of not being “by-the-book” Constellation members frown at any action that breaks the law, even if it’s for a morally good reason. Vasco has no such qualms or reservations, and many Starfield players love him for it.

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His unique look inspired by NASA’s robot designs has made him ideal for SuperSpruce101, who used LEGO parts to accurately recreate the Constellation robot as a LEGO set. It is important to note that not only has Starfield been approved for consideration as an IP by LEGO, but that this Vasco Starfield set can become an officially licensed LEGO set if it passes ten thousand votes on LEGO Ideas. SuperSpruce 101 also made a Frontier set featuring a miniature Vasco alongside Sarah Morgan.

Despite Starfield being the lowest rated Bethesda title on Steam, the game continues to be popular with many fans. The ship builder has given them an outlet to express their creativity, and its planetary exploration oozes that Bethesda charm. While the title certainly has its faults, these issues will probably be fixed either by Starfield‘s burgeoning modding scene, or by the official DLC content that Bethesda has in store for 2024.

Though it remains to be seen when Shattered Space will come out for Starfield, Todd Howard went on record to say that Starfield‘s official modding tools will release in early 2024. The new Creation Kit will allow players to build new planets from scratch, and hopefully even let them tap into its powerful procedural generation tools. Between LEGO sets, ship builds, and ambitious mods, Starfield is poised to become a haven for creative players, though it remains to be seen if its longevity will rival that of Skyrim in the years to come.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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