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Starfield NPCs Have Hilarious Reaction to Player Moving a Cocktail Shaker


A room full of NPCs in Starfield wildly overreacted to a player moving a cocktail shaker a few inches to the left. Starfield is Bethesda’s first crack at an original IP in over 20 years, and it is still very much a Bethesda game, charming glitches and odd interactions included.

As is typical for a Bethesda game, nearly every object in Starfield can be picked up, examined, and either discarded or placed into the player’s inventory. It’s all part of Bethesda’s decades-long commitment to crafting a fully interactive world that players can manipulate and customize to their liking. A cocktail shaker can be pocketed and turned into the centerpiece of a bar on a player’s starship, for instance. But acquiring that cocktail shaker is where one player ran into some trouble during their time playing the game.

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A Starfield player who goes by the name beepbapbapbarapbup in the game’s subreddit posted a short clip demonstrating exactly how serious Starfield‘s security guards are about preventing theft. The second the player lifted a cocktail shaker to move it a few inches to the left, the bar’s entire security force pulled out their weapons and opened fire to prevent the crime. Patrons fled, screaming, perhaps to not get caught in the hail of gunfire, or maybe to flee the evil presence of a hardened criminal.

It wasn’t just the bar’s security detail and patrons that went nuts after a cocktail shaker was moved a little bit. A series of notifications popped up in the top right of the screen telling beepbapbapbarapbup that because they committed the heinous act of moving a thing that didn’t belong to them, their companion, Barrett, was angry enough with them to no longer be their active Starfield companion. A deep, meaningful friendship was ended and a bunch of security guards turned into judge, jury, and executioner over a person slightly moving an object.

Starfield does warn players that picking up an item that isn’t theirs will have repercussions. A little red indicator in the dialogue text box that pops up when the Starfield player hovers their reticle over an item lets them know that so much as touching that item will be considered theft, even if the player doesn’t ultimately steal it. It’s a highly sensitive system that, if ignored, as Reddit user beepbapbapbarapbup demonstrated, could have dangerous, albeit hilarious, consequences in the game.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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