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Starfield Player Builds Giant Hotdog Ship


A hilariously creative Starfield player has used the game’s ship crafting mechanics to make a vessel that looks exactly like a flying hotdog. When it comes to the game’s building and crafting features, Starfield allows players to make many cool things, whether it’s a detailed character or an elaborate ship, and this particular hotdog creation is just as funny as it is strange.

Now that Starfield has been available for a full month now, players have built nearly countless different types of ships. The great thing about Starfield‘s ship customization is that players can be as serious or silly as they wish when crafting their dream space exploration vessel. From ships inspired by Star Trek to recreations of pirate ships, Starfield has given many players the opportunity to be as creative and imaginative as they desire.

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A player known on Reddit as Aromatic-Problem7500 recently presented their flying hotdog ship to the Starfield subreddit. The ship, aptly named The Frank, is literally a giant hotdog frank in a bun. There’s no mistaking what The Frank is when looking at it, and it’s a glorious sight to behold.

Naturally, this build from Aromatic-Problem7500 has been a major hit with many members of the Starfield subreddit. The longer one looks at The Frank, the more details come through that truly make the ship a hilariously spectacular build. Even the details on the top of the ship resemble ketchup and mustard adorning the fearsome flying hotdog. Although Starfield has great ships to buy, taking matters into one’s own hands in order to create something beautifully ridiculous can really help showcase the game’s amazing building and crafting features.

As goofy as Aromatic_Problem7500’s ship build is, it’s a true testament to Starfield‘s customization that grants players the opportunity to be as creative as possible. Starfield fans have made amazing ships that show off what Bethesda games are best at; letting players have fun in whatever way they see fit. Whether a player chooses to play the game in a more serious fashion or as a space explorer piloting a giant flying hotdog named The Frank, the choice is completely up to the player.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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