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Starfield Player Builds Incredible City on the Water


An extremely dedicated Starfield player managed to push the boundaries of its outpost system by constructing a small city above water on the shores of Archimedes II. Though people have been fervently praising the ship builder in Starfield across all social media platforms, building outposts in the game is a feature that also deserves a mention. It’s a great source of income for new players, and its landing pad gives access to all non-exclusive ship parts in Starfield from all manufacturers.

Surveying a planet in Starfield usually gives people an idea of what to expect from planting down an outpost in one of its biomes, but generally speaking, Iron and Aluminum represent the two most important resources for players to find if they’re interested in growing their base of operations further. Assigning the right crew members to an outpost such as Lin and Heller can also maximize its yield and improve is efficiency, and linking it with other outposts can create a well-oiled machine for the players to benefit from.

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However, players don’t usually build an outpost as ambitious as the one created by motionresque, who shared the finished work on the official Starfield subreddit. With a large landing pad built on water and directly connected to the elaborate walkways of the city, the scale of their outpost easily rivals that of New Homestead on Titan. In addition to the size and elaborate layout, the interior of the settlement is beautifully decorated and filled with NPCs.

In addition to the praise that motionresque received, some players couldn’t help but critique how awkward it is to place a piece of furniture in Starfield, as the game doesn’t have a building grid or any kind of snapping. Hopefully, Starfield mods will be able to improve upon outpost decoration, as many players are choosing not to bother with the system due to how frustrating it is to currently engage with it. Ultimately, there are many ways to have fun in the latest Bethesda title, and some of them (like planet exploration) happen to be better at giving players an enjoyable experience than others.

With Shattered Space on the horizon for Starfield, players are hoping that the content pack will explore the underdeveloped House Va’ruun faction. Given their unique weaponry and more advanced technology, it could be worthwhile for Bethesda to give players new outpost modules and furniture themed around the enigmatic faction and its unique aesthetic.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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