Starfield Player Builds Ship That Looks Like Shrek


  • Starfield players have shown their creative prowess by crafting a spaceship resembling the beloved character Shrek, merging DreamWorks’ fantasy world with the sci-fi universe of the game.
  • Starfield’s creation tool empowers players to unleash their imagination, allowing them to build impressive spaceships and colonies, showcasing the game’s limitless possibilities.
  • Despite mixed reviews, the robust fanbase of Starfield showcases a strong sense of community and appreciation for imaginative creations, contributing to the ever-evolving nature of the game.

A Starfield player has created a spaceship that looks like the face of the iconic character Shrek. This enthusiast has once again demonstrated that creativity knows almost no limits within the game, blending the fantasy world of DreamWorks with the science fiction universe of Starfield and contributing to the already extensive list of player creations.

Bethesda’s latest venture into the realm of open-world space exploration has provided players with the opportunity to showcase their ingenious creations. The game’s creation tool has proven to be a comprehensive and powerful instrument, allowing players to craft unique creations in Starfield. From building impressive spaceships to establishing creative outposts and colonies, the possibilities seem limitless. This recent creation has brought a beloved character from the world of animated movies into the Starfield universe.

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A Reddit user known as Edm818 crafted a spaceship that resembles Shrek. The shared image captures a green spaceship floating in open space, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Shrek’s friendly yet unmistakable face. The player humorously acknowledged that they were initially trying to create just a face, and after hours of work, it ended up somehow looking like the DreamWorks ogre. This also isn’t the first time a player has built a ship in Starfield inspired by an animated movie, with many other impressive designs being showcased on the internet.

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Despite the option for players to purchase ships in Starfield, many continue to demonstrate dedication and effort in creating these unique designs. This once again showcases how Starfield is not just a space exploration RPG but also a highly competent building game where players can spend their time crafting their own equipment to explore its vast universe as they please.

It is worth pointing out that Starfield has received some lower ratings on Steam. It appears that after a successful launch, the game has received mixed reviews, with many players expressing concerns about the game having good ideas that haven’t been fully realized. However, creations like the Shrek-inspired spaceship highlight the game’s robust fanbase, which, despite areas for improvement, clearly enjoys the game. This enjoyment also fosters a strong sense of community and shared appreciation for these imaginative endeavors.

As the Starfield community continues to celebrate the ingenuity of players like Edm818, it’s a testament to the engaging and ever-evolving nature of the game. Each player’s unique contributions add depth to this sprawling science fiction universe, and the game will likely continue to host such imaginative creations in the future.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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