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Starfield Player Builds Ship With Ridiculous Amount of Cargo Space


One player has designed an extremely large cargo ship as they set off to explore the galaxy in Starfield. Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG allows fans to create and customize their spaceships as they set off to explore a vast galaxy in Starfield.

After years of development, Starfield was finally released for PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6. While gamers are generally happy with Bethesda’s first original IP in 25 years, there have been some issues that folks would like to see fixed. Players have suggested one popular idea for improving Starfield is to give budding explorers more storage in their spacecraft. However, one gamer has already come up with a solution to this problem.

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Posted by user Ghosthunter1999 to the r/Starfield forum, the intergalactic cargo ship is primarily made up of red containers allowing for vast amounts of storage, but only allows minimal sleeping arrangements because of this. According to the creator of the gigantic carrier, the machine handles surprisingly well when exploring the vastness that is space in Starfield and is even decked out with numerous gun turrets to keep the space pirates at bay.

Folks are reacting positively to the creation, with comments jokingly asking if the craft to move the New Atlantis settlement to another planet. Other replies to the post question how the build was made owing to the regular limitations imposed by Bethesda. Ghosthunter1999 confirms in the replies that the ship was put together using various mods and command console codes to circumvent the usual restrictions, so this build is unable to be recreated in the main game.

Regardless of how the juggernaut cargo ship was put together, fans are enjoying Bethesda’s latest RPG, and a community of shipbuilders is emerging. Since the game was released in September, gamers have already replicated famous spaceships. Most recently one player brought a Star Trek-inspired ship into Starfield, a feat that was accomplished by modeling different elements from both the original Enterprise and the starship Voyager and combining them.

Starfield may have only been available to gamers since September, but players are already looking for different ways to exploit the vast content creator Bethesda included in the open-world RPG. Along with the big hulking ships such as Ghosthunter1999’s cargo ship, franchises such as Star Wars and Halo are seeing their iconic vehicles recreated in the game. Even the iconic taxi from The Fifth Element has been recreated in Starfield as players set off to explore the vast galaxy in style.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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