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Starfield Player Builds Star Trek-Inspired Ship


One Starfield player has managed to build a vessel inspired by some iconic heavy cruiser ships from Star Trek. They later went online to share their feat of engineering, adding to the already sizable pile of impressive spacecraft that Starfield players have built to date.

Between Starfield‘s elaborate shipbuilding mechanics and hard sci-fi setting, Bethesda’s galaxy-spanning RPG provides the perfect framework for would-be engineers to realize their most ambitious spacecraft ideas. Many players have been doing just that ever since the game entered early access at the start of September, authoring everything from Starfield replicas of classic cars to more conventional—but no less impressive—spaceships.

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The latest addition to that growing list of incredible vessels comes from Reddit user Propzie, who recently went through the effort of constructing a Star Trek-inspired spacecraft in Starfield. The ship incorporates some design elements of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) from the original Star Trek TV series and its NX-01 sibling that first appeared in the inaugural episode of Star Trek: Enterprise back in 2001. That’s largely thanks to its saucer-shaped hull flanked by a pair of engine nacelles, all connected via a long cylindrical secondary hull that houses something resembling a deflector dish, the Star Trek gizmo used for force field projection.

Propzie revealed that they also looked to the USS Voyager from the fifth Star Trek series and some Parliament-class vessels depicted throughout the franchise for inspiration. The end result of their engineering efforts hence looks like an amalgamation of some of Star Trek‘s most iconic iterations of the USS Enterprise ever depicted. That’s all the more impressive given Starfield‘s limit of 130 ship modules per vessel, which prevented the player from constructing a 1:1 replica of any particular heavy cruiser from Star Trek. The fan opted to compensate for that restriction by sticking the cockpit to the underside of the saucer hull, thus creating an illusion of scale.

To do so, Propzie took advantage of a glitch that allows installing select ship modules in invalid spots by flipping them before canceling placement, which tricks the game into leaving them in their previous position, valid or not. Apart from that little loophole, the design was put together using conventional means, with no mods whatsoever.

And though its imposing appearance might imply otherwise, this custom vessel is actually fairly modest in terms of specs, not least because Propzie constructed it fairly early on in the game. As a result, their Star Trek-inspired Starfield ship falls in the B reactor class, meaning it doesn’t even require a maxed-out Piloting skill to operate.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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