Starfield Player Comes Up With Idea That Could Make New Game Plus Better


  • Starfield’s ship builder and New Game Plus mechanics have received widespread praise from fans, offering a fresh experience and new content.
  • Some players are disappointed that ship blueprints and outpost layouts cannot be transferred in subsequent playthroughs, hindering customization options.
  • The idea of allowing players to save ship blueprints and outpost layouts in New Game Plus has merit, as it would enhance the gameplay experience and reduce tedious tasks.

Though Starfield may have a mechanically and thematically creative New Game Plus mode, one of its players has a genius idea on how to take the concept even further. Starfield has been compared to Skyrim more often than the two Fallout titles that came out in the interim. Habitats can be seen as an evolution of the different rooms that players could construct in Hearthfire, while the Starborn Powers in Starfield are an obvious parallel to the Dragon Shouts of Skyrim.

However, where Starfield uniquely contributes to the Bethesda formula is through the ship builder and New Game Plus mechanics, which have received near-universal praise from old and new fans alike. New Game Plus in Starfield is not only intricately tied to its main story, but it allows players to experience all the content Starfield has to offer in a new light, with new dialogue options and opportunities to upgrade their Powers. That being said, there is one major pet peeve that players seem to have with New Game Plus – namely, that it doesn’t transfer a few pivotal belongings that help personalize one’s Starfield playthrough.

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Chief among these happen to be outpost layouts and custom-made player ships. It’s no secret that people have been fawning over the ship builder in Starfield all across social media, which is why many are disappointed to find that they have to redo their meticulously designed starship every single time they enter Unity. A fan named Khajiit_hairball suggested that Starfield should be able to at least store ship blueprints, so that players can rebuild the space vessel of their dreams even in subsequent New Game Plus adventures across the Settled Systems.

It’s an idea that certainly has plenty of merit, as players not being able to transfer over their favorite ships causes many of them to beeline their way towards Unity rather than taking their time exploring different outcomes and realities in Starfield, such as siding with the Crimson Fleet over SysDef. A crude way to save blueprints until a Starfield mod inevitably adds the option is for players to take screenshots of design breakdowns, where all the different parts that make up a vessel are laid out in the ship builder screen.

Another suggestion mentioned in the thread concerned outposts in Starfield, as many fans are hoping that they will be able to save building layouts in the future. Decorating interiors can be somewhat unwieldy in Starfield, requiring players to patiently drag and drop miscellaneous items to an ideal spot, or to arrange furniture without the use of a building grid or automatic snapping. Ultimately, being able to load blueprints and layouts in New Game Plus would allow Starfield players to spend less time on tedious tasks, and thus improve the overall experience.

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Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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