Starfield Player Comes Up With Idea to Improve Ship Storage


  • A Starfield player proposed a simple idea on improving ship storage by attaching storage bonuses to Cargo Halls, which currently have cosmetic purposes.
  • The proposal gained popularity on social media, showing that a vocal part of the fandom supports the idea and desires more flexibility in inventory management.
  • While Bethesda’s history suggests that they focus on bug fixes rather than gameplay changes, the straightforward nature of this proposal makes it a feasible goal for modders or potential future updates.

One Starfield player came up with a simple idea for improving the way ship storage works in the game by tweaking a certain category of Hab modules. Their pitch later made the rounds on social media, adding to the list of popular ideas for improving Starfield that the fandom has been sharing since the game’s early September debut.

Inventory management has been part of Bethesda’s brand of RPGs since 1994’s The Elder Scrolls: Arena. The studio’s latest title doubles down on that mechanic, not least because of its extensive focus on resource gathering coupled with the introduction of shipbuilding. But while spacecraft cargo modules allow players to haul an unprecedented amount of stuff for a Bethesda title, many fans have still found ship storage in Starfield to be surprisingly limiting relative to the size of the game’s vessels.

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Mulling over that state of affairs, Reddit user YokiiSenpai recently came up with a simple but effective idea for making ship storage a bit more flexible without any major reworks: attaching storage bonuses to Cargo Halls. Despite their very name suggesting otherwise, Cargo Halls are largely cosmetic types of Habs, so even those that come with the occasional storage container don’t actually affect a given ship’s resource carrying capacity. First-time players might also confuse them with Cargo Holds, a completely separate category of spacecraft modules that actually do increase ship inventory sizes.

Since the Starfield ship builder currently offers 34 Cargo Holds and 26 Cargo Halls, having the latter share gameplay bonuses with the former would allow for greater build variety, while simultaneously making in-game inventory management a bit more forgiving. Hundreds of players voted to send this proposal to the front page of the r/Starfield subreddit in late September, indicating that a vocal portion of the fandom is on board with YokiiSenpai’s idea.

While this suggestion would ostensibly be easy enough for Bethesda to implement, the developer’s track record isn’t exactly brimming with examples of patches that introduce gameplay changes, as its updates have historically been focused on bug fixes and performance improvements. Nevertheless, the studio already signaled that Starfield will break with that tradition, having recently confirmed that it’s working on adding a much-requested Eat command to the RPG.

Even if Bethesda has no intention of tweaking the way Cargo Halls work in the game, the straightforward nature of this newly surfaced proposal makes it a feasible goal for Starfield modders. The RPG already boasts a fairly active modding community, but its current selection of third-party customizations will likely wane in comparison to the mod floodgates that are expected to open once Bethesda releases the Starfield Creation Kit in early 2024.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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