Starfield Player Has a Portal on Their Ship That Teleports Objects


  • A player in Starfield has discovered a glitch that creates a portal on their ship, allowing objects to be teleported inside. This anomaly defies the laws of physics in the game’s universe and has captured players’ curiosity.
  • This glitch, which allows objects to be teleported on the player’s ship, has generated excitement among players, with some even comparing it to the portal mechanics in the game Portal.
  • The discovery highlights the potential for fascinating and unexpected experiences in Starfield’s gaming universe.

Starfield continues to surprise its players, as one of them has now revealed a portal on their ship that can teleport objects. What appears to be a glitch in Starfield defies the laws of physics within its universe and has left players intrigued.

In the vast and complex universes that players can encounter in Starfield, surprises are commonplace. The game delivers an immersive, open-world experience set in the depths of space, with players venturing into uncharted territory, exploring distant planets, and encountering a multitude of mysteries. These mysteries range from fascinating locations, mysterious creatures, and technological elements such as weapons, suits, and ships, not to mention the creative creations of other players that they make and share online.

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In a Reddit video shared by user markiethefett, they showcased a highly intriguing event that occurred aboard their starship involving a portal-like anomaly within the vessel. The amazement begins when an object is dropped through this rift. Instead of disappearing or falling into oblivion, the object inexplicably reappears inside the ship, as if it had been teleported back, resembling a journey through a cosmic wormhole.

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Although other Starfield glitches have been seen before, this seems to be a unique case, given the positive reception by the player. Markiethefett’s comment, “I’m scared to edit my ship in case I lose it,” highlights the player’s apprehension about altering their starship, for fear of disrupting or losing this baffling phenomenon. This discovery has ignited a large number of humorous comments in the Reddit post, with some even quoting phrases from the renowned character Cave Johnson from Portal 2, while also pondering the nature and implications of this unexplained portal.

Ships are not cheap in Bethesda’s title, and a ship with a feature like this could be among the most expensive in Starfield. Whether this portal remains a well-guarded secret or a glitch to be patched, it serves as a testament to the interesting possibilities of the gaming universe and the excitement that awaits players as they embark on their interstellar adventures.

The ship with a portal that defies the laws of physics is another intriguing element in the cosmic journey of Starfield. Bethesda RPG is poised to usher in a new era of space exploration in gaming, and its creators have stated that Starfield was developed with the intention of being a very long game, so crazy discoveries like this will likely continue to appear in the future.

Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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