Starfield Player Has Bizarre Encounter With Alien Wildlife After Landing on New Planet


  • Starfield offers an immense amount of planets for players to explore, each with unique features and alien lifeforms.
  • One player discovered a group of bug-like aliens on a new planet that greeted them with a synchronized dance, sparking amusement among other players.
  • Bethesda’s ability to create immersive worlds full of hidden surprises, is what keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

One of the biggest draws of Starfield is found in the immense amount of planets that players are able to explore within each planetary system, and this led one player to have a strange interaction with some of the alien life found on one particular planet. Planet exploration in Starfield is filled with various different things to discover, like biomes and minerals, but one of the most interesting points of exploring is found in coming across new alien lifeforms.

Since Starfield‘s launch last month, many different gamers have flocked to Bethesda’s space adventure title in order to experience one of the most anticipated games of 2023. As one of Bethesda’s biggest games yet, players are still discovering things about Starfield despite hours of playtime. Bethesda is known for developing games with immersive and well-crafted worlds, and Starfield is no different. The planets players are able to explore hold different features and life that make discovery a lot of fun, and one gamer stumbled upon some alien life that gave them an amusing greeting.

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After landing on a new planet, a Reddit user who ironically goes by the moniker Im_Actually_An_Alien came across some alien lifeforms that greeted the gamer with a fun little dance. The gamer captured the funny encounter and shared it to the official Starfield subreddit where many players have gotten a kick out of the random encounter.

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The clip features four bug-like aliens doing an adorable synchronized dance that looks like it was taken straight out of some sort of cartoon. As the alien bugs continue to dance, they slowly move closer and closer to the gamer but never initiate any type of attack. Some players commenting on the post wondered if it was a strange glitch in Starfield, but other players quickly chimed in to mention that they have had experiences similar to this. Whether it’s some bizarre glitch or a scripted encounter, there’s no denying that it’s very fun to watch.

There have been some dedicated explorers in Starfield who have attempted to map every possible square inch of the planets the game contains, and features like these dancing alien bugs are great examples of some of the fun surprises players can encounter. Bethesda’s knack for creating dense worlds that contain loads of hidden gems is what makes the studio’s games so much fun to play. From building and crafting ships to stumbling across dancing bug aliens, these features are what keep many players coming back for more.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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