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Starfield Player Makes Helpful Realization After 220 Hours


A Starfield player made a helpful realization about the game’s Manipulation skill after playing for 220 hours. Starfield is Bethesda’s latest massive open world RPG. The sheer size of the game and all the things players can do within it means that there are some things players may not pick up on until they’ve invested significant chunks of time into it.

This includes everything that players can do with the Manipulation skill. In Starfield, players have two options when it comes to unlocking the Manipulation ability. One way is to invest 10 points into the skill tree’s Social category. The other way is to play through the Ryujin Industries quest and getting the Internal Neuromap, which also gives players access to the Manipulation skill. Once they have Manipulation handy, players can use it to boss around the various NPCs they encounter in the game, with the option to level it up to become even more effective.

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When players acquire the Internal Neuromap in Starfield‘s Ryujin Industries questline, they are taught to use the Manipulation skill to make NPCs unlock doors and move to different areas, helpful for stealth runs. However, Reddit user Sea-Charge3132 realized that the Manipulation skill is even more useful than it appears on the surface. After 220 hours, they realized that Manipulation can be used to force NPCs to open locked containers. In a clip showing the Manipulation skill in action, players can see a Ryujin Industries security guard being directed to open a locked safe, giving the player access to the contents without having to use Digipicks or alert nearby NPCs.

Judging by the reaction to the post, many other Starfield players had no idea that Manipulation could be used in this way. Some also didn’t seem to know that Manipulation existed in the game at all, as they have not invested enough points in the Social section of the skill tree and haven’t progressed far enough in the Ryujin Industries quest. Knowing that Manipulation is one of the rewards for going through the Ryujin Industries quests, many players may now prioritize it over whatever else they’re currently doing in their Starfield adventures.

The Manipulation skill gives the Starfield scanner even more functionality than it has otherwise, so it’s definitely worthwhile to seek it out. Many of Starfield‘s faction quests have huge rewards, so players should consider playing through them ASAP.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X.

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