Starfield Player Notices Neat Detail When Exiting Cockpit


  • Starfield, despite technical issues, has gained popularity due to its open-world design, gunplay, and RPG elements, with over 10 million players already embarking on their interplanetary adventure.
  • A player noticed an immersive detail where the character glides their hand on the ship’s interior while exiting the cockpit, showcasing Bethesda’s attention to detail in creating an immersive space-faring experience.
  • Some players have expressed disappointment with certain cockpit designs, such as characters clipping through metal bars or their shoulders clipping through the ship, but ship customization in Starfield allows for creative freedom in creating preferred layouts.

A Starfield player notices a neat detail about how their player uses their hand while landing on a planet and exiting their spaceship’s cockpit. In Starfield, players may begin to customize their own ship after completing the first few main quests and reaching a space dock.

Starfield is one of 2023’s biggest games with high expectations from Bethesda fans leading into its launch on September 5. Although Starfield launched with numerous technical issues on PC and Xbox Series X|S, the game quickly became popular due to its unique open-world design, satisfying gunplay, and RPG elements that Elder Scrolls and Fallout fans resonate with. In fact, over 10 million Starfield players have already begun their interplanetary adventure. Starfield’s space exploration and ship customization also contributed greatly toward the game’s success in the weeks that followed.

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A Starfield player named Velvetio landed in a space dock and noticed that the player character would glide their right hand against part of the ship’s interior while exiting the cockpit. The character glides their hand on the ship’s interior to support themselves while walking downstairs and into the space dock. This amusing detail quickly caught the attention of the Starfield community since it highlights the work that Bethesda animators did to ensure an immersive space-faring experience. However, this detail may vary greatly from player to player due to factors pertaining to a ship’s cockpit size and interior layout. Although many appreciate Starfield’s attention to detail in this aspect, some fans wish their ship’s cockpit was more immersive.

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Some Starfield players such as Swordbreaker925 wish their characters did not clip through the cockpit while disembarking onto a planet. For example, the Nova Galactic ship’s cockpit contains a giant metal bar that characters may pass through during the exit animation, so players are upset with the lack of immersion this particular cockpit brings. Additionally, others have noticed that the player character’s shoulder will clip through Barrett’s Frontier ship, which is one of the free ships that players may earn in Starfield. Fans place the blame on Bethesda for not noticing these cockpit design oversights in development, but one user named Ralathar44 notes that these issues may have arisen while the studio was working on the final build.

Velvetio’s discovery shows how immersive the cockpit experience may be, but some players may need to spend extra time and credits while customizing their ship in Starfield in order to create their favorite ship layout. Fortunately, the ship building feature offers a lot of creative freedom, allowing players to create submarines, pirate ships, and even a Transformers mech in Starfield.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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