Starfield Player Recreates Handsome Squidward as Their Character


  • Starfield’s in-depth character customization system allows players to create unique and diverse characters, including popular meme characters like “handsome Squidward.”
  • Players can easily adjust their character’s appearance or make changes later on through genetic salons located in major settlements.
  • In addition to character customization, players can showcase their creativity by building and customizing their own dream spaceships and creating massive planetary outposts in the game.

The in-depth character customization system in Starfield has allowed players to forge their characters in the image of anyone from Willem Dafoe to Shrek, and one fan has even managed to hand-craft the iconic “handsome Squidward” as their player character in Bethesda’s massive space-based RPG. Bethesda’s previous titles have been similarly credited for the freedom they provide players when it comes to customizing characters and builds, but many consider Starfield to be yet another step-up in this regard.

Player creativity has flourished throughout the short time since Starfield was finally released, with fans showing off hilarious custom characters, awe-inspiring ships, intriguing discoveries, and much more. The sheer variety of options presented in the character customization screen make the chances of two player characters being identical incredibly slim, and players have been able to leverage these possibilities to bring all sorts of characters both fictional and not to life in the game. Players who either aren’t happy with how their character turns out or simply want to make adjustments later down the line can easily do so too, thanks to a number of genetic salons located in some of the game’s major settlements.

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Some players have poured hours upon hours into perfecting their characters’ appearances in Starfield, with some of the most popular examples featuring pop-culture characters such as Homer Simpson, Shrek, Boba Fett, and more. One fan of the game known as Khajiit_hairball adds another hilarious example to the list after they managed to tweak their character to look like the handsome Squidward meme. Bringing the SpongeBob SquarePants character to life in Starfield clearly took a lot of careful facial shaping, but relied heavily on the many available makeup options to provide the blue skin coloring. The fact that cartoon characters can be accurately represented in the game shows how wild the customization options can be, especially considering that players are limited to creating human characters only.

Crazy custom characters aren’t the only way players have been putting their creativity to use, with countless fans investing huge amounts of time, effort, and credits into fixing up their own dream spaceships as well. Players have shown off some unbelievable builds in Starfield so far, ranging from scale replicas of popular ships such as Star Wars‘ Millennium Falcon to very literal space trucks capable of hauling hundreds of thousands of kilograms worth of cargo.

Even beyond character and ship customization, a variety of other physics-based gimmicks present in Starfield have given players tons to experiment with, and the ability to build massive planetary outposts represents just another way of creatively spending time and resources. Players are continuing to show off what they can do in unexpected and clever ways, and community-made mods may open up even further possibilities in the future.

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Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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