Starfield Player Shows Off Emergency Power Cell Collection


  • A Starfield player has accumulated a collection of emergency power cells, showcasing their dedication to the game’s rare items.
  • While these power cells may seem underwhelming, they can be sold for a good price. However, they require effort to transport due to their size.
  • Despite being released on Xbox Game Pass, Starfield has become the best-selling game in the US, demonstrating the strong engagement and enthusiasm from players.

One dedicated Starfield player has shown off their growing emergency power cell collection. When Bethesda launched Starfield in September 2023, gamers immediately dove into the open-world RPG and started exploring the vast openness of space and exploiting the various customization options along with it.

It wasn’t long before players were building unique spaceships, including a unique design that brought a Superman-themed spaceship into Starfield. Along with the ability to create almost anything fans could think of, the gigantic galaxy within Starfield holds plentiful resources across hundreds of planets to help those wanting to explore the final frontier.

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A user by the name of ofuufoette has taken to the Starfield subreddit to show off their collection of emergency power cells. Posting a picture of a basket that is full of these unassuming cells, fans congratulated the player on their unique collection. The emergency cells are only used for a handful of missions in Starfield, and most gamers will encounter them through the Back To Vectera Quest in the early stages of the RPG. This mission sees players having to fix a comm system by utilizing three of the energy cells. It seems that ofuufoette has gone above and beyond Bethesda’s requirements on the off chance they discover any other uses for the item.

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The haul may look underwhelming at first glance, but these items can fetch a fair price and take dedication to carry as they fill up a lot of storage when lugging them back to the spaceship. This fact is not lost on fans, as at the time of writing, the collection has amassed over 3000 upvotes and 120 comments applauding the efforts of the original poster.

While the user is having fun collecting energy cells, other players are enjoying exploring Bethesda’s latest RPG. One gamer managed to find a legendary weapon in Starfield by defeating a level 98 space pirate. The feat was made more impressive when the gamer was only at level 32 and playing the game on its Very Hard setting at the time of scooping the rifle.

Bethesda’s latest IP has certainly engaged gamers since it was released on September 6. Even though the title was released on Xbox Game Pass, Starfield was the best-selling video game in the US for September. The sales figures and the early enthusiasm from the community show that players will be exploring, collecting, and creating within Starfield’s vast galaxy for a long time to come.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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