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Starfield Player Shows Off God Roll Armor Drop


One Starfield player recently stumbled upon a ridiculously good piece of armor that doesn’t just offer incredible protection, but also helps deal with inventory management, one of the most annoying aspects of the critically acclaimed RPG. Their fortunate find later made the rounds on social media, adding to the list of extremely powerful god roll equipment that Starfield players have lucked into to date.

Much like the last two Fallout games, Starfield features a randomized loot system that scales with the player’s level and produces drops that fall into four tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The scaling mechanics influence the equipment’s base stats, whereas rarity rankings determine the number of extra effects that are generated at random. Common loot has no such modifiers, while each subsequent tier unlocks one additional bonus, and these traits also dictate how the equipment will be named in the game.

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And though this system can often even yield Legendary loot that’s useless because its effects don’t synergize well, it’s also capable of generating completely overpowered gear. Reddit user The_mango55 can very much attest to that fact, having recently rolled a ridiculously good piece of Starfield armor called the Mechanized Superior Bounty Hunter Spacesuit. While its base stats make it an extremely capable late-game option, what really sets it apart from similar high-protection gear is its combination of the Weapon Holsters and Mechanized effects, which reduce weapon weight by 50% and unlock 40 kilos of extra carrying capacity, respectively.

Since weapons tend to be the biggest contributor to the player’s inventory weight after armor, this perk pairing does an absolutely amazing job at improving its wearer’s hauling capabilities. And though some obscure gear combos in Starfield can help players carry even more items, they require fans to commit their entire loadouts to that goal, whereas The_mango55’s armor facilitates inventory management all on its own.

The Redditor discovered this incredible piece of gear while raiding ships in the Serpentis star system, revealing that they found it in the captain’s locker of one of the vessels they boarded. Their character was level 74 at the time, which also ensured that the Legendary spacesuit was generated with some rather imposing base stats.

While a pull of this sort comes down to pure luck, it’s also not necessary for being successful at the game, even on its highest difficulty level. That’s largely because the RPG isn’t lacking in unique pieces of armor that are good enough for any situation. For example, Starfield players can obtain one high-quality spacesuit within minutes of starting a new playthrough.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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