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Starfield Players Call for Helpful Feature for When They Accidentally Steal


A Starfield player has put out a call to developers to add a feature that can assist them when they accidentally steal something. As with many other open-world Bethesda RPGs, Starfield‘s in-game universe is populated by many items to find and discover. Some are useful, while a lot of it is mostly filler materials. Some players have found solutions by providing creative ways on where to put Starfield‘s player cargo. Granted, it’s so easy to get lost in the game world and just take items inadvertently because of how populated it is.

In fact, it seems Bethesda may need to review how some interactions work especially when dealing with items. There was one report of an NPC overreaction when a Starfield player lifted a cocktail shaker. While most find this hilarious, some players are actually hoping for the developers to tone it down a bit. One Reddit User has posed a question asking if Bethesda could consider adding an option to prevent such stand-offs from happening.

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Reddit user Karmano42 has wished for Bethesda to add an option in Starfield wherein players can return and put back items they accidentally lifted or stole. They go on to explain that perhaps this option could be introduced for items worth 50 credits and below. Although, ideally, just holding an object shouldn’t even trigger this offense. This idea came to him when they inadvertently took an object while trying to interact with an NPC. While they were detained and asked to pay for the measly amount of 17 credits, it’s such a small offense that really shouldn’t be made such a big deal. Fans of Fallout and Elder Scrolls also know this struggle and have long wished for such a feature.

Understandably, stealing is such a big yet easy thing to do in-game. One Starfield player has been taking advantage of an exploit that has allowed them to keep stolen items, and allow them to easily amass things. Perhaps this is a tough balance in programming how NPCs react to theft. If the devs loosen up the guard reactions, players might be able to discover more tricks on how to steal easily. However, many fans consider the current responses to be too strict.

While many gamers have been universally praising the game, some fans still have a lot of suggestions to improve gameplay. One Starfield player had previously requested to introduce a new traversal mechanic for ground travel. It is up to Bethesda whether it considers these fan suggestions to be worthy of a patch or DLC addition. However, these requests could certainly help turn Starfield into an even more well-rounded experience should they come to fruition.

Starfield is playable on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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