Starfield Players Think the Brig Is a Big Missed Opportunity


  • Despite the positive reception, some players feel that Starfield missed an opportunity with the brig, wishing for the ability to actually use it in the game.
  • Alongside the brig, players have also expressed disappointment with the non-functional med bays in Starfield, perceiving them as missed opportunities.
  • In ambitious open-world games like Starfield, it’s impossible to include every desired feature. However, updates and mods offer potential solutions to address what players consider missed opportunities.

Despite being one of the best and most ambitious RPGs of the year, one Starfield player thinks the brig is a missed opportunity, and it appears as though many gamers agree. Starfield has been widely applauded as a game that rewards player creativity with robust character and spaceship customization options, but that doesn’t mean that gamers lack ideas for improvement.

Since Starfield came out, critics and fans alike have been talking about the sheer amount of options there are at the player’s disposal. Additionally, gamers have been building all sorts of incredible things from a Starfield ship that looks like the USS Enterprise to spacecraft that resemble Legendary Pokemon. Still, for all the positive chatter out there surrounding Starfield, one gamer has brought up a potential missed opportunity.

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Starfield player and Reddit user padster029 shared an image of a player locked up with the caption, “I wish we could actually use the brig like this.” The post has since erupted with other players who also seem to support the idea of being able to lock up NPCs in the brig. Many commenters share their longing for a bounty hunter mode within the game or even the desire to hold legendary enemies for ransom. Either way, if a modder did run with this idea, it would likely be considered one of the best Starfield mods out there.

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Again, Starfield reviews are generally glowing across the board. The freedom and customization that fans have come to know from Bethesda-developed RPGs are packaged in an ambitious sci-fi adventure that has literal galaxies to explore. Still, a small section of the community appears to be somewhat disappointed that there isn’t any in-game use for the brig outside what it adds in aesthetics.

One gamer has recently posted a popular sentiment in the community that the med bays in Starfield are also a missed opportunity. Again, med bays are something that can be added to ships in the game, but they are not functional pieces of equipment that can heal wounds. It simply serves an aesthetic purpose to give ships a more engaging feel.

When it comes to ambitious open-world games, the developers are simply not going to have the time or resources to include all of these various intricacies. This is not to say that any criticism of the game is invalid, but there is always going to be something players feel is missing from the experience. However, with the addition of mods and even Bethesda-developed updates, there is always potential to address what some consider to be missed opportunities.

Starfield is out now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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