Starfield Ship Looks Like Giant Foosball Table

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  • Starfield’s ship-building feature inspires players to be creative, resulting in often hilarious creations like a starship resembling a foosball table.
  • Slight_BodyBuilder25 created a unique starship resembling a foosball table using parts available in Starfield’s ship customization feature, without the need for mods.
  • Bethesda may recognize players’ desire to build their own starships, although the ability to build space stations requires a mod as of now.

A Starfield player created a starship that seemingly looks like a foosball table without putting any mods to the game. This creative design once again proves that Starfield‘s ship-building feature inspires the game’s community to be as creative as it can, which can result in often hilarious creations.

Bethesda’s first sci-fi space game, Starfield, has given gamers more than just an RPG that provides an expansive world and lore they can get lost in for hours. The game gave them tools to let their creativity shine and build the starship of their dreams, regardless of where their inspiration came from. One such example is when a Starfield player created a custom starship resembling Perry the Platypus from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, which they promptly shared on Reddit’s Starfield subreddit. Such a creation is common in the Starfield community, with other players sharing creations as unique (or bizarre) as a Platypus-looking starship among each other.

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One such player is Slight_BodyBuilder25, who shared pictures of a starship they made on the subreddit. They mentioned that Starfield was lacking in minigames, so they provided their own by creating a starship resembling a foosball table using parts available in Starfield‘s ship customization feature. Slight_BodyBuilder25 managed to put a creative spin on the starship parts they used to make them look like the ones of a foosball table – the docking ports resemble the tabletop game’s rods, while its turrets are the bumpers players use to get the ball into the opposing goal.

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Just like the Starfield player who created an A10 Thunderbolt-like starship in-game, Slight_BodyBuilder25 made the ship without installing any mods. Regardless, the Starfield community praised their creation, with one player commenting that their foosball-like ship was “the most creative use of [Starfield‘s] ship-building mechanic.” Another player even stated that Slight_BodyBuilder25’s creation was the first creation they’ve seen that they wanted to recreate. However, not everyone saw Slight_BodyBuilder25’s creation as a foosball – one player thought it was a fuse from a car’s fuse box at first glance.

Since Slight_BodyBuilder25 didn’t use mods to create their foosball-looking starship, Starfield players on gaming consoles can also recreate it. However, players seriously considering doing it may want to save up to around 49,000 credits to get the parts they need. Nevertheless, this unique starship shows that Bethesda somewhat knows that players want to build their own starships. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t added the ability to build space stations yet in Starfield since players need a mod to do so as of press time.

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