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Steam Deal Gets You $50 Worth of Games For Just $1


A new deal on Fanatical can get PC gamers access to two sci-fi games on Steam, Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, for only a dollar, when they normally cost $50 together. Developed and published by Double Damage Games, Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw released in 2015 and 2020 respectively. These two titles are swashbuckling space adventures, where players are tasked with exploring the universe. Not only that, players are also be tasked with negotiating and trading with alien denizens, with their moral actions also affecting the greater game world as well.

This deal is available on Fanatical, which is a website that regularly hosts deals for PC games, allowing gamers to get Steam keys for a discounted price. The library of games on Fanatical includes AAA titles like The Evil Within, Resident Evil, and Dead Island 2, to acclaimed or overlooked indie titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, UnderRail, and many others. The website also has PC gaming, ebook, and software bundles where users can purchase a variety of things for a low price, with this bundle for Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw being one of them.

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The Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw bundle pack is available on Fanatical, where it normally costs $50. The bundle right now is available for 98% off, which roughly translates to it only costing a dollar. While there isn’t a listed date for when this deal ends, this can change at any moment as well. Fanatical will keep the deal open until it runs out of available Steam keys. This is a massive steal and a great opportunity for players to try out both games with the price being so low.

Both of these sci-fi games emphasize exploration and combat, with the sequel expanding on the first game’s premise, going open-world in the process. That said, players have mixed feelings regarding the sequel, as seen with how the game has more mixed reviews than the first game. Reasons include the combat and ship customization feeling like a step back from the previous entry, while others enjoyed the game’s more sandbox like environment.

Other deals active on the site include a new bundle for Bethesda games, where users can get 5 acclaimed games from the publisher for only roughly $15, and a huge Star Wars-themed gaming deal that gives customers access to 14 Star Wars games for $17 when it normally costs $80. Gamers curious about more details regarding these Steam deals can find them on Fanatical.

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