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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Fan Creates Video Reimagining the Game for the NES


A TV-style advertisement for a NES version of Super Mario Bros. Wonder commercial was made by one imaginative fan. As the release date for Super Mario Bros. Wonder draws near, many gamers can not wait to get ahold of the upcoming 2D platformer. Nintendo has been known to introduce new mechanics and power-ups whenever fresh entries in the Mario platforming franchise come out and Wonder looks to continue that trend.

In this day and age where 3D gaming rules the industry due to the strength of modern hardware, there is still a soft spot for 2D platforming. Such is the case for games like New Super Mario Bros. and others that hold a certain charm that differs from the titles such as Super Mario Odyssey. However, some fans do miss the older and simpler days of gaming, and that’s why some keep coming back to their older consoles. Super Mario Bros. demakes aren’t exactly new. However, one fan was so hyped about the upcoming game that they decided to create a video for their own NES version of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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YouTuber LUIZ do Comercial has decided to create their very own Super Mario Bros. Wonder NES commercial using assets and art styles taken from Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. However, new sprites had to be done for new features such as the elephant power-up, the Wonder Seed, and the Flower Coins, among others. The commercial also has an old-school style announcer doing a voice-over describing the game’s features. Plus, the video ends with a photo of a custom Wonder box-art as well as the ’80s signature Nintendo line “Now You’re Playing With Power.”

The video successfully captures the charm that classic Mario and Nintendo commercials from way back in the day. The quirky Mario-style announcer adds to it further. But also, little details such as the cartoon-styled artwork, the NES sprites, and even the CRT TV filter add to the authenticity of the short. LUIZ do Comercial has perfectly captured the gaming era they wanted to present. Admittedly, this isn’t their first try at doing mock videos for games, as the channel is filled with all sorts of these.

With the upcoming release, Super Mario Bros. fans continue to feel the hype surrounding the title. So many Super Mario Bros. Wonder features are slowly being unveiled and gamers can not wait to get their hands on the game. With so much love and excitement around it, perhaps Nintendo should consider doing more 2D-style entries into the franchise to please the massive Mario fan base.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be available on October 20, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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