Super Mario Bros. Wonder Fans Recreate Popular Level in Mario Maker 2


  • Super Mario Maker 2, a platformer for the Nintendo Switch, still remains popular thanks to its ability to create custom stages.
  • Fans of Super Mario Bros. Wonder are recreating one of its iconic levels, Piranha Plants on Parade, in Super Mario Maker 2.
  • While an update for Super Mario Maker 2 based on Super Mario Bros. Wonder seems unlikely, many fans would welcome new content from the latest game.

Some innovative Super Mario Bros. Wonder fans are recreating one of the game’s most memorable levels, Piranha Plants on Parade, in Super Mario Maker 2. Even after four years, Super Mario Maker 2 stands as one of the best platformers for the Nintendo Switch. Giving players the ability to create their own stages, Super Mario Maker 2 has stood the test of time thanks to virtually endless replayability.

On the other hand, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is one of Nintendo’s latest releases that many fans are still playing through for the first time. The game has been a hit for Nintendo in terms of both sales and critical reception. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is even one of the Game of the Year 2023 candidates at The Game Awards. With its incredible success, it should come as no surprise that the title is resonating with audiences, leading some players to recreate one of the game’s more iconic stages.

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As first pointed out by Nintendo Life, YouTube channel BeardBear recently published a video in which two creative fans give their own spin on Super Mario Bros. Wonder level Piranha Plants on Parade by recreating it in Super Mario Maker 2. Without the use of assets from Super Mario Bros. Wonder in Super Mario Maker 2, both versions are impressive interpretations, with each having its own unique flair.

The less than three-minute video showcases two different Super Mario Maker 2 users’ versions of arguably one of the best Super Mario Bros. Wonder levels. The first is a faithful recreation done in the style of the New Super Mario Bros. games, while the second half of the video shows more of an homage to Piranha Plants on Parade, featuring the stage’s musical track. Both fan-created levels are impressive in their own right, each shining a new light on the fan-favorite level.

Many gamers have been hoping that Super Mario Bros. Wonder could lead to a late update for Super Mario Maker 2. The latest 2D platformer introduces a ton of new power-ups and mechanics to the franchise that creative fans would love to play around with. While an update this late in the life of Super Mario Maker 2 seems unlikely, it isn’t completely unwarranted as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe just concluded its DLC expansion several years after release.

Many fans and critics agree that Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a fantastic step forward for the 2D side of the franchise. Any content regarding the new platformer would be a welcome addition to Super Mario Maker 2, likely or not.

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super mario bros wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

A return to the franchise’s 2D side-scrolling roots, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Supporting up to four-player co-op and featuring playable characters like Princess Peach and Luigi, Super Mario Bros. Wonder revamps a classic formula with fresh twists, including a mechanic called Wonder Effects that cause stages to come alive.

Platform(s) Switch Released October 20, 2023 Developer(s) Nintendo EPD Publisher(s) Nintendo Franchise Super Mario $60 at Amazon See at Nintendo eShop

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