Super Rare Nintendo 64 Controller Sells for Over $1,000 at Auction


  • A rare and valuable Nintendo 64 controller is being sold at an upcoming auction, a Chrome Leopard controller estimated to sell for over $1,000.
  • The rarity of Nintendo 64 products is increasing, as finding a working console is becoming difficult, and used systems are already being sold for over $100 on Amazon.
  • The Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 controller is part of a limited series with only 200 made, and the fact that the one being auctioned is used means a boxed version in great condition could possibly sell for much more.

A rare and valuable Nintendo 64 controller will go to auction soon and could sell for over $1,000. It’s increasingly common that rare video games and video game accessories are being sold for outrageous prices through auctions. The Nintendo 64 is a great example of a platform with many rare games and accessories. $1,000 may not seem like much compared to the value of some rare Nintendo items, but it goes to show that Nintendo fans may have a treasure trove of valuable items in a box, and they may not know it.

It’s been long enough since the release of the Nintendo 64 console in 1996 that the platform itself is difficult to come by. Searching for a working Nintendo 64 console on eBay results in a variety of controllers, expansion packs, and accessories, but few to none of the platform itself. Used systems can be found on Amazon’s marketplace for over $100, though. That price seems likely to rise in the next several years.

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Evidence of the growing rarity of Nintendo 64 products and increasing demand can be seen in an upcoming auction for an incredibly rare controller. Only 200 Foxdata Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 controllers are believed to have ever been made. It was part of a limited series of controllers released solely in the United Kingdom. Now a Nintendo fan who received the controller for their 14th birthday 25 years ago is looking to sell it. A price guide lists estimates it could sell for over $1,200.

The Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 controller is one of four different styles released by Foxdata in the late 1990s. In addition to the Chrome Leopard controller, there are also Desert Storm, Red Rain, and Purple Forest variants. While the controller styles were advertised in various Nintendo magazines, only an estimated 800 controllers were made for the entire line. That’s around 200 of each Nintendo 64 controller.

It should be noted that the controller going up for auction has been used a “fair amount,” meaning that a boxed version in great condition could be worth significantly more. This Chrome Leopard Nintendo 64 controller was used and then thrown in a box where it sat for decades. Even so, it’s still going to sell for around $1,000. That’s a great return on investment.

These rare Nintendo 64 controller styles aren’t all that’s selling for over $1,000 from that era of gaming. There are also a number of Nintendo 64 games that regularly sell for as much. Those rare Nintendo 64 games include Worms Armageddon, F1 Racing Championship, Super Bowling, Stunt Racer 64, and ClayFighter Sculptor’s Cut, which in new condition can sell for nearly $15,000. It’s perhaps worth pulling the Nintendo 64 box out of the attic and seeing if there’s anything worth considering selling.

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