Text mail subscriber – Everything you should know 2023

A text mail subscriber may be the most contentious of the different kinds of communication available over the Internet. Many people are unaware of it, and just a few know how to exploit it to their advantage. When you return a missed call or message, you frequently receive the message “The text mail subscriber is not available.

Sometimes you don’t hear anything. This occurs when the caller or texter uses the internet to communicate with you via text message. Do you want to learn more about it and how it works? This article will assist you in comprehending everything. Simply keep reading.

Everything you should know about text mail subscriber
Everything you should know about text mail subscriber

What is a text mail subscriber: a quick look

If you’re wondering what text mail subscribers mean, the first thing you need to do is rephrase your inquiry. A text mail subscriber is a person who uses the power of the internet to communicate with people all over the world. A text mail subscriber will typically use web-based services to send messages and even conduct phone calls while concealing their identity. 

Text Mails are delivered via email clients, and ESPs (Email Solution Providers) support many sorts of content. The ESP also determines which format is shown to the target.

Any Text Mail will include a message as well as a phone number. You cannot, however, respond to them directly. Because the message is sent via the web, you cannot call or text back to this number. When you phone it back, you will be greeted with a voicemail claiming that the text mail subscriber is unavailable.

You could not even hear anything at times. Google Voice is the most well-known example of this. A text mail recipient can only see emails that are sent to them in plain text. We hope this explanation clarifies why someone would use a text mail subscriber.

What is a text mail subscriber?
What is a text mail subscriber?

Is text mail subscriber a scam

Although a text mail subscriber is not always a fraud, the chance leans toward the negative. The service was not designed to be used for scamming purposes in general; yet, a lot of people take advantage of this and swindle others. A recent research showed that many people got scammed by someone using a text mail subscriber app. It is therefore critical that you conduct extensive investigation using whatever information is accessible.

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It might be a brand name or something similar; simply conduct a fast Google search, read reviews, and look for any associated scam alerts. Whereas some situations necessitate immediate inquiry, there are instances when your gut instinct is sufficient to determine the status of any mail or message received. Simply reading the text will give you a good indication whether it intends to scam you or not.

Is text mail subscriber a scam
Is text mail subscriber a scam

Signs that text mail subscriber is a scam

Money alerts

Making sure the text or email has any form of money extortion motivation is one of the best methods to identify scam objectives. Many times, consumers receive texts and even phone calls accusing them of various types of inconvenience.

The imposed allegation is essentially a means to deceive people all across the world and collect money. Here’s an example message revealed by “Globe” to help you understand.

“Globe LTE Advisory: P500 has been debited to your postpaid account for prolonged LTE use.”

Sign of a scam text mail subscriber
Sign of a scam text mail subscriber

Winning Prizes for No Reason

Have you ever received a message informing you that you’ve won a random sum of money? If so, you’ve most likely been contacted by a scam text message subscriber. These scams attempt to entice people into accepting fake rewards. 

They will first give you a message with the information of the prize you have won, and then they will ask you to follow certain actions in order to claim it. If you haven’t participated in a contest in a while, avoid opening the message or proceeding with the instructions. Alert! It might get you in a lot of trouble.

Messages for Payments to Government Sites

Another prevalent circumstance is receiving text messages with a government or official designation. Back off immediately if you discover anything relating to payments. Government bodies never take payment via communications; therefore, it is highly advisable to contact the department in question before proceeding with any form of payment.

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Threat texts or phone calls, while uncommon, can be used by scammers to extort money from you. You may receive phone calls, text messages, or emails threatening you or your family. In such a situation, it is critical that you do not lose your mind, keep your nerves calm, and seek the assistance of legal authorities.

Contact legal authorities for support
Contact legal authorities for support

How to filter out genuine text mail senders?

How can you protect yourself from bogus SMS messages while still identifying legitimate firms that can help you?

Pay attention to the wording

Language can be a dead giveaway for fraudulent SMS messages. As a careful observer, you will notice that phony texts contain numerous grammatical faults and a lack of helpful information. Likewise, avoid showy language and unrealistic claims. If you notice an exorbitant offer or the sale of unfeasible goods, you are probably accurate. Read any email carefully and respond only to those you can rely on.

Pay attention to the wording
Pay attention to the wording

Pay attention to the format

A genuine company will not only use a defined texting format, but will also appropriately sign off. You should be cautious of any messages that contain links. Unless you trust the source, never click on the link. Many other scammers, on the other hand, construct official-looking SMS messages that adhere to the precise format of a well-known bank or retailer.

Avoid making immediate payments

Avoid texts that persuade you to make immediate payments. Stay clear from such emails that contain links. There are numerous scammers out there who ask for your bank information in order to send you money.

Don't give your bank information to strangers
Don’t give your bank information to strangers

Remember your previous experiences

If you receive good quality content from a text mail sender, you may have previously provided them with your contact information. Try to recall something from your past. Every business has a text message subscriber list. What exactly is a text mail subscriber list? A company distributes messages to a list of subscribers. For legitimate businesses, this is a voluntary program. However, for fraudsters, this is a collection of lists obtained from many unfair sources.

Can you look up a text mail subscriber number?

Depending on the service that provided the number, a lookup is available. However, the process is complicated because these providers allocate numbers to consumers at random.

As a result, text mail subscriber numbers are anonymous by definition. So, how can you look them up?

How to track a text mail subscriber number?

You have numerous choices for conducting a lookup to find or identify the individual responsible. You can use the following methods:

Track a text mail subscriber number
Track a text mail subscriber number

Search Engines

You may quickly find the information you need using Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

With the assistance of several apps, Truecaller, for example, is one such program. The database of such applications has millions of numbers. Enter the number into any search engine to see whether it has links to social media platforms, forums, or any other online account with a name. If the number that texted you is still in their database, you may easily obtain the necessary information.

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Reverse Phone Lookup

This strategy may be effective depending on how the user utilizes the number. You can obtain them, for example, if they made the number public or used it to register for publicly available services.

This strategy may also be beneficial to you, but success is not guaranteed because your chances of success are actually determined by how the person you’re looking for utilizes his phone number. In other words, whether he uses his number for public or for registration for some publicly available services determines his success.

Text the person

You can simply text him and he will expose his identity to you. Finally, if all of the preceding suggestions fail to provide the intended outcomes, here is the most powerful method. Use the court’s aid to obtain a legal order compelling him to reveal his identity. You may argue that this is threatening, but it appears that this is what he deserves.

Use mobile number tracking apps 

These are applications that have databases with thousands of phone numbers. If the number is in their database, the app will assist you in identifying the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a text mail subscriber voicemail?

Text mail subscriber voicemail is a service that allows customers to read plain text emails addressed to them. Because you are not authorized to phone back any subscriber and make direct contact, you must rely on the voice mail service. When you leave a voicemail, the message is automatically transformed to plain, formatted text. This will then tell the subscriber of your attempts to contact them.

But, where on earth can you locate an application that says, “The Text Mail Subscriber you want to reach is unavailable?”

To address this, various online phone firms have created apps that will assist you in obtaining a legitimate phone number. You can also start by messaging or calling someone, both of which are completely free.

The most anticipated feature has arrived. Since there would be multiple calls that you would try to contact but will not be able to, you will hear voicemails that are going to say, “The Text Mail Subscriber you are trying to reach is now unavailable”.

A text mail subscriber voicemail
A text mail subscriber voicemail

What happens when you call a text mail subscriber?

If you try to call a text mail subscriber back, no one will answer the phone. As previously stated, they can only receive plain text responses. You will either hear absolute silence or a voice recording stating that the text mail subscriber is unavailable.

However, you can frequently leave a voicemail response, which is converted into a plain text email. The text mail subscriber will be aware that you attempted to contact them via voicemail. However, whether or not you receive a response is out of your hands. All you can do is wait for them to clarify who they are and what their message is.

How to block a text mail subscriber?

Are you annoyed with a text message subscriber and want to get rid of them? It is simple to block a text mail subscription. Here are three immediate actions you may do.

How to block a text mail subscriber?
How to block a text mail subscriber?

Simply go to your call settings and ban the number for the message and call service

If you previously saved the number in your phonebook, you can block the contact from there. Simply navigate to your contacts list via your phone’s contacts or messaging app, click on the information button for the person, and then select the block option.

After completing the procedures in this guide, the text mail subscriber’s messages or calls will no longer reach your phone number.

Stop Subscribing to the Alerts or Service

Unsubscribing from their text directory or the service is another approach to block them if the text mail subscriber is a valid service you subscribed to.

The former, which means merely no longer receiving text promotions or updates, can be accomplished by responding with the unsubscribe code (if there is any stated in the text message). The way for the latter – permanently unsubscribing to the service — is determined on how you subscribed in the first place (for example, through your app store accounts or the service’s official website).


A text message subscriber does not automatically imply a scammer. However, it is important to understand how to recognize who is texting you and whether the text message you are receiving is a scam or not. You’ll be able to better handle the influx of text messages on your phone this way. You can also safeguard yourself from fraudulent schemes and regular distractions.

However, if you can’t figure out who the text mail subscriber is, it’s always preferable to block them right away. As you now know, blocking ordinary unsolicited text messages is just as simple.

Final words

In a nutshell, text mail subscribers are a good approach for businesses to reach out to their clients via numerous schemes and extra services.

Text mail subscribers are a good approach for businesses
Text mail subscribers are a good approach for businesses

However, like with anything else in the internet age, users must exercise caution and double-check each step they take to avoid issues later.

Share this post with all of your tech-savvy friends, and if you have any questions or recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below.


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