The Day Before Dev Blames ‘Hate Campaign’ and Misinformation for the Game’s Reception


  • The Day Before developer Fntastic blamed a “hate campaign” against its game for its poor reception.
  • The studio said it’s closing down in mid-December but appears to still be operational.
  • Its latest statement saw it dismiss all past reports about The Day Before’s troubled development and launch-day state as “misinformation,” arguing that select “bloggers” were the only ones who profited from the game by dogpiling on it.

The Day Before developer Fntastic has asserted that the game’s lackluster reception and untimely demise were both the fault of a “hate campaign” not rooted in reality. Its claims arrived mere days after The Day Before servers were shut down, leaving the game in the annals of history for all the wrong reasons.

Touted as an MMO survival game with horror elements, Fntastic’s latest title was originally unveiled in January 2021. Following multiple delays and a reportedly troubled development cycle mired in issues and fan criticism over the studio’s lack of communications, the game finally reached early access on December 7, 2023. Four days later, The Day Before developer announced it was shutting down, citing a lack of funds and overwhelmingly negative reception to its project as the reasons for the closure.

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The Day Before Controversy Leads to Bad Reviews for Another Studio

As the situation with Fntastic and The Day Before continues to evolve, it seems a different game and developer gets caught in the crossfire.

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The Day Before Dev Denounces ‘Hate Campaign’ Against Its Game

While six weeks have passed since, it would appear that the company remains operational for now, at least if its social media presence is any indication. Namely, Fntastic has just taken to Twitter to share a response to the “misinformation” surrounding The Day Before in the form of a detailed statement denouncing the “hate campaign” against the game. The studio has thus once again denied the accusations of deceiving customers, pointing out how it never offered pre-orders or raised money via crowdfunding, but has instead financed The Day Before with the sale of its previous game, Propnight.

Fntastic also reflected on a number of recent reports citing statements from its former employees, who offered insight into the game’s troubled development. Specifically, the studio seemingly rejected the claims that The Day Before was never an MMO that was advertised, as well as other claims originating from those reports, all the while implying these statements might have been made up. The company also argued that only “certain bloggers” made money on The Day Before by posting hateful content about the game.

The negative bias instilled by certain bloggers making money on hate affected perceptions of the game.

Fntastic went on to claim that “many people” liked the game and pleaded with it to continue development following the controversial early access launch. It also dismissed the claims that The Day Before was an investor scam, arguing that it still has a “great relationship” with its publisher, Mytona.

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Online Reactions To Fntastic’s Latest Statement Appear Largely Negative

The online reactions to the statement, which has been viewed around 30,000 times within three hours of going live on January 24, have been predominantly negative. Some Twitter users have hence called for the company to shut down like it said it would in response to its latest statement, while others dismissed the claims that The Day Before development was all above board as dubious. According to some such opinions, the fact that Fntastic shut down the game within days of its debut could indicate that it never intended to support it in the first place, which would be a violation of the Steam Early Access terms of service.

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The Day Before

Following a terrible pandemic, players must survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic world of The Day Before filled with infected monsters and other opportunistic survivors. An MMO and survival game from FNTASTIC, The Day Before boasts an open-world, multiplayer environment where players can scavenge and fight for their lives.

Platform(s)PC Released December 7, 2023 Developer(s) Fntastic Publisher(s) MYTONA Genre(s)Open-World , Zombie See at Official SiteSee at Steam

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