The Last of Us Fans Create Incredible Clicker Sculpture Made Out of Bread


  • The Last of Us fans created a highly detailed life-sized sculpture of a Clicker using bread, mimicking the iconic enemy from the game.
  • The sculpture took about 400 hours to make and features intricate details like fungal growth and mushroom spores.
  • The mother-daughter bakery duo behind the sculpture are well-known for their pop-culture-themed bread sculptures, including Star Wars-inspired creations. The winner of the scarecrow contest will be announced on October 31.

Inspired by HBO’s The Last of Us, two loyal fans have created a life-sized sculpture of a Clicker out of bread. Clickers are one of the most famous enemies found in The Last of Us, and the sculpture made out of bread is so detailed that it looks like it was pulled straight out of the show.

The Last of Us games may look like an average zombie-based adventure at first glance, but enemies like Clickers elevate the game to a whole new level. Clickers in The Last of Us represent the third stage of the cordyceps infection that managed to turn most of the world into flesh-eating monstrosities. For Clickers, the infection caused their heads to be completely covered in fungal growth, with large mushroom-like spores sprouting from their faces. These feral creatures have been rendered blind but possess enhanced hearing. Clickers get their name from the rapid croaking and clicking sounds that come from their mangled voice cords.

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Catherine and Hannalee Peran created two versions of the iconic enemy from The Last of Usmade out of bread. The mother-daughter duo operate a bakery in Benicia, California, and it took about 400 hours to form the extremely detailed creature. Catherine and Hannalee took the time to create this masterpiece for the Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest, a contest that they enter every year. The life-sized clicker is wearing a half-zipped-up hoodie with its mutated mushroom spores spilling out everywhere. The duo have titled this piece “The Last of Crust.”

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Catherine and Hannalee also took the time to create another variation of their Clicker made out of bread. The second variation is a Clicker that’s been fused to a wall thanks to the cordyceps mushrooms that plague it. This type of Clicker was first seen in The Last of Us Part 2, and they’re just as intimidating as the regular kind. Close-ups of both these bread sculpture show off the detailed work that was put into them.

As much as the mother-daughter combo loves HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us, these two bakery artists are more well known for the other pop-culture based sculptures they entered in their scarecrow contest. Catherine and Hannalee are locally famous for making Star Wars-themed bread statues like the “Pain-dough-lorian” based on the Disney+ hit TheMandalorian, and “Pan Solo,” a bread sculpture based on Harrison Ford’s Han Solo. The winner of the Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest will be revealed on October 31.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available now on PC and PS5.

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