These Overwatch 2 Skins Have Been Bugged For Over a Year


  • Overwatch 2 has bugged character skins that have been available for over a year, causing frustration among players.
  • The transition from Overwatch to Overwatch 2 did not go smoothly for some skins, resulting in missing visual details and effects.
  • In fact, when using the Golden Gun cosmetic for characters like Reaper or Ana, it can get in the way of visual elements on their weapons.

With Overwatch 2 now reaching its first year early access anniversary launch, one player compiles a complete list of currently bugged character skins that have been available since last year. Unlike its predecessor, Overwatch 2 adopted a free to play model, allowing players to jump into a match without having to first pay a premium price. As such, Blizzard uses monetization methods to fund the game, releasing battle passes, new cosmetic items, and recently, the ability to play new PvE missions through a paid DLC pack.

While the live service nature has led to plenty of updates, changes, and new content for the better, the monetization aspect remains a frustrating component for many players, especially with some of the prices within the in-game Overwatch 2 store. Things have improved since Overwatch 2 launched into early access last year, with missing features and new modes being added over time, characters being reworked to make them viable, and more. However, some of the smaller details remain a work in progress as one player notes with a handful of bugged skins for various characters.

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A user named Minehot on the Overwatch subReddit put together a post showcasing the bugged and visually broken skins that have been left unfixed for well over a year. The skins in question are the ones from Overwatch that made the transition to Overwatch 2 as players could carry all of their cosmetic items forward into the new game. Unfortunately, not all of the weapon and character skins made the transition as expected as some are either outright bugged or are missing some of the visual details that made them more interesting in the first place.

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Minehot’s thread specifically showcases seven skins in particular using screenshots to highlight them along with the various issues plaguing them, though the community made sure to indicate that there are more outside of these seven that continue to have issues or are missing something.

  • Ana – The Epic Tal skin is missing the unique visual details on the Golden Gun version.
  • Mercy – The Legendary Pink skin for Mercy is still missing the unique pink visual effects when using her staff. For now, it continues to use the generic yellow effect.
  • Genji – Unfortunately for Genji, he has two cosmetics with issues. The first is with Karasu-Tengu, which is supposed to have an orange effect on his blade, but it gets removed when using the Golden Gun weapon skin. Second is with the 2018 Pacific All-Stars skin, which removes the unique magma highlights on his weapons.
  • Zenyatta – For the Legendary Zen-Nakji skin, Zenyatta originally left a unique tentacle pattern when the Transcendence ultimate was used, though in Overwatch 2, that effect is nowhere to be seen.
  • Reaper – Similar to others on this list, the Golden Gun weapon skin seems to alter the visual effects of his weapons including removing a blue highlight effect entirely.
  • Symmetra – The Epic Peacock skin for Symmetra is seemingly a different color as it’s missing a purple shimmer style and is instead a simpler blue.

The examples above are only just the tip of the iceberg in regards to bugged skins in Overwatch 2, as plenty of new cosmetics have launched with odd issues as well. In fact, one player recently noticed that the Forest Spirit Orisa skin was also missing a small, yet unique element to her javelin, ultimately replacing it with a default and generic look.

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Overwatch 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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