This Cursed Starfield Mod Makes Inventory Management Worse


  • A new mod for Starfield enhances inventory management by making it more realistic, but this may aggravate some players who find it already annoying.
  • The mod, created by PowerOfThree on Nexus Mods, removes limitations on the player’s maximum carrying weight in order to improve immersiveness.
  • The mod requires the Starfield Script Extender and an address library plugin, making it only accessible to Steam players, while other versions are incompatible.

A newly surfaced Starfield mod makes the RPG’s inventory management more realistic, thus aggravating what many consider to be one of the game’s most annoying aspects. This release adds to the steadily growing pile of cursed Starfield mods that have surfaced online since early September.

While Bethesda’s open-world RPGs are near-synonymous with modding, their official content creation tools historically lagged behind their respective games. In accordance with that track record, Starfield is still waiting for first-party mod support. However, that hasn’t stopped the most hardcore tinkerers among the fandom from starting to cobble together simple mods using hex editors, custom configuration files, and other such rudimentary methods as soon as the galaxy-spanning RPG hit the market.

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One recent addition to that growing list of customizations is also among its most cursed items yet, arriving in the form of the Gravity Affects Weight mod created by Nexus Mods user PowerOfThree. Although the vanilla version of Starfield already accounts for gravity while calculating the player’s maximum carrying weight, its formula for doing so is hampered to the point that most players will likely be completely oblivious to this functionality. PowerOfThree’s mod revamps that system, stripping it of all limitations in order to make it much more realistic.

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Granted, given how much time players already need to spend on managing their inventories and ship storage in Starfield, the idea of an even more realistic item weight system isn’t necessarily something that many would find appealing. But that’s not to say PowerOfThree’s attempt at improving the immersiveness of Bethesda’s latest title didn’t find an audience, having already amassed over 13,500 downloads within two weeks of releasing.

The mod itself requires the Starfield Script Extender (SFSE), as well as an accompanying address library plugin, meaning that it’s currently only available to those playing the game via Steam. The PC Game Pass and Windows Store versions of Starfield use an entirely different executable, which is incompatible with SFSE. That state of affairs is unlikely to change anytime soon, if ever, which makes Steam the optimal choice for anyone looking to mod Starfield.

For clarity, SFSE is already used by a wide variety of mods, and is only expected to grow increasingly more entrenched moving forward, much like the similar tools that its creator previously developed for Fallout: New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and Fallout 4. As for the game’s official modding support, Bethesda recently revealed that it’s planning to release the Starfield Creation Kit come early 2024.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: PowerOfThree / Nexus Mods

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