This is What Happens to Kraven’s Tiger After Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Story


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 includes a memorable moment involving Kraven’s tiger, Dima, which players can find in a zoo in the game’s open-world once the story is finished.
  • Spider-Man avoids conflict with the tiger by drugging it with a knockout dart, allowing players to continue their mission or even pet Dima while he sleeps.
  • After Kraven has been dealt with, it is revealed that Dima has been taken in by one of the city’s zoos, providing a happy ending for the digital animal. Players can visit Dima whenever they like as long as they visit the zoo after Kraven exits the story.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 offers a number of memorable moments throughout its story, one of which involves Kraven’s Tiger Dima. While players do not get answers about what happens to Dima after they interact with him in the main missions, they can actually find him within a zoo in the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s open-world.

As a deadly hunter who has fought countless wildlife, Kraven owning a tiger does not seem as strange as it would if it was any other character. Not only is a tiger deadly on its own, but with Kraven as its owner, it makes sense for it to be especially fierce. However, instead of doing battle against a massive feline, Spider-Man uses his smarts to avoid conflict. After drugging the tiger with a piece of meat that has been laced with a knockout dart, Peter can continue on his mission – though he can also pet Dima the tiger if he’d like, as he is far cuddlier when sleepy. This is the last interaction fans have with Dima in the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, but as it turns out, he is not gone completely after this moment.

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Considering how Miles and Peter dismantle Kraven’s bases one-by-one, and how Kraven The Hunter is defeated during the game, many may wonder what happened to Dima. Instead of being taken in by another hunter that left New York City, or being left in the wild, it turns out that Dima has been taken in by one of the city’s zoos. Reddit user JppBrasilSP2018 was responsible for the discovery, sharing a video of their tiger sighting on the platform. While there was initially confusion about whether this tiger was actually Dima, a few comments confirmed that this is the case.

According to Reddit user Sakya22, petting Dima multiple times will result in a cute voice line where Peter Parker calls the creature by its name. While some players thought this may have just been a slip-up by Insomniac, with the developer reusing assets and forgetting to remove the voice line, another comment confirms that this was an intentional detail. Per Reddit user Reluctantfool, the Tiger only shows up after Kraven exits Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s story, with players finding an empty enclosure if they try to visit the area before that point.

Where to Find Dima in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

  • Prospect Park Zoo is found in Downtown Brooklyn, which is the lower right portion of the map.
  • Players will want to head to the center of Downtown Brooklyn to find the Zoo.
  • Dima’s enclosure is behind the building with a small dome on its roof, and players can find the tiger sleeping in a small cave.
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With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 full of great details like a Chadwick Boseman Easter egg and a potential Daredevil teaser, it is not too surprising that Insomniac went the extra mile once again with this Tiger secret. Nonetheless, it is impressive, and cat lovers will be happy to know that Insomniac cared enough about the digital animal to give it a happy ending.

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