Unlucky Overwatch 2 Team ‘Held Hostage’ For Over 30 Minutes


  • Overwatch 2 players were held hostage in a Quick Play match by a superior enemy team, leading to a frustrating 30-minute game.
  • Quick Play games in Overwatch 2 are meant to be evenly matched, but sometimes end up with unbalanced teams.
  • While some players sympathized with the victim, others pointed out that the penalty for leaving the match was not solely based on this incident.

A group of Overwatch 2 players were recently held hostage in a Quick Play match by a superior enemy team that refused to capture the point while spawn camping. This particular Overwatch 2 game went on for over 30 minutes because of the enemy team’s griefing.

Quick Play in Overwatch 2 is supposed to be the casual pick-up game mode where players are pit against foes of similar skill levels. Unfortunately, not all Overwatch 2 Quick Play games end up evenly matched. While Overwatch 2 is constantly trying to avoid comp stomps, such matchups are not uncommon.

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Overwatch 2 fan Onion Head recently shared their own Quick Play horror story on Reddit. During the ruinous Overwatch 2 matchup, Onion Head faced a team that was vastly more skilled than their own. The enemy team trapped them in their spawn, repeatedly killing them while also refusing to capture the point. When the match eventually went into overtime, Onion Head’s opponents proceeded to walk on and off the capture point to suspend the overtime counter for another 10 minutes. After a half hour, Onion Head gave up and quit the match, only to be unable to re-queue for another 30 minutes.

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Onion Head’s opponents turned the match into a meat grinder. In the images they shared, the enemy team had racked up a staggering number of kills; Baptiste, a healer character in Overwatch 2, had the fewest with 61, while the enemy Tracer racked up 114 eliminations and over 26,000 damage. Most of Onion Head’s team appears to have backfilled during the match, but the statistics make it quite obvious the Overwatch 2 match was far from even.

The Overwatch 2 fans who saw Onion Head’s post were sympathetic toward their plight. Many of them shared stories of their own stomps, and lamenting how common they seemed to be. Players were annoyed that Onion Head was punished for leaving the game, especially since the enemy team had played so disingenuously.

That said, some players also pointed out Onion Head’s 30-minute suspension was not just because of this game. With the new Quick Play leaving penalties in Overwatch 2, players receive a 10-minute suspension after leaving four of their last 20 games, and a 30-minute penalty for leaving six or more of them. That said, even if Onion Head has a history of leaving games, most agreed they shouldn’t have been penalized in this particular instance, so hopefully Overwatch 2 can add some safeguard against similar situations in the future.

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