What is AI generated photos

AI generated photos are currently one of the new technologies, appearing more popular on today’s famous social networking platforms like Tiktok. Let’s learn about this technology with Wapolabs!

What is an AI generated photos?

What is AI generated photos? Is it different from normal photos? Regular photos will usually be taken with the real scene using the equipment and technology built into the camera. AI generated photos are “unreal” photos, they are reconstructed by artificial intelligence based on data provided by humans.

AI generated photos technology
AI generated photos technology

“In a nutshell, it’s an image created by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. In recent developments, the AI learns the visual structure, style, and text labels for a lot of images. Then upon receiving a text prompt can generate a new image.” – said Shlomi Ron, CEO and co-founder of the Visual Storytelling Institute (VSI)

For example, when someone wants the AI to draw a dog, just enter “a dog”, the AI will, through the knowledge learned during its continuous process of receiving information, redraw the image of a dog. dog. With more data, the image will be more detailed, and of course, it also looks pretty good!

How does an AI generated photos work and what can it create?

AI generated images are generated by AI photo generators, as the name implies. This is an AI system with the ability to learn continuously, throughout and forward, allowing it to know everything in the world put on the internet by humans and use that knowledge to make drawing tools.

When receiving the entered information, the AI ​​photo generator will search, analyze, and evaluate the written descriptions of that object, thereby having the most specific view possible of them.

Next, coming to the implementation, the AI photo generator uses 2 parallel systems. The system first evaluates the fact that the information is real, comparing it to “real” images searched on the internet as real-life examples. After making its conclusions, the other system will continuously perform the reconstruction and evaluation of the image to output the closest result to the input string. That’s a simple understanding of the birth of AI generated images.

Cosmopolitan magazine cover using DALL-E 2
Cosmopolitan magazine cover using DALL-E 2

For example, Cosmopolitan, a popular American fashion and entertainment magazine for women, has released an issue with an AI generated photo cover. Using the new AI-powered image generator DALL-E 2, the editors entered special and complex lines of text to create the perfect image as the Cosmo team wanted. The first issue has been published with the page without the use or direct intervention of human hands.

AI generated photos from text

AI generated photos can be created by converting text to images. Users only need to enter a string of characters, the more detailed the better. From the above skills, AI will find information data, images of information chains, processes and from there, create images that are as close as possible to the information series.

AI generated photos from text
AI generated photos from text

This is the most common form of AI generated photos of the current AI image generators on the market.

Different platform of AI generated photos

AI generated photos app

There are almost 4 billion smartphones in the world currently in operation, so the dissemination of AI generated photos via mobile apps is a very promising plan. There are many apps on platforms that are currently working with a lot of users like WOMBO Dream, Night Cafe, Starryai.

AI generated photos via mobile apps is a very promising plan
AI generated photos via mobile apps is a very promising plan

The downside of operating on the app is that many phones are not capable of operating online image creation, reducing the performance of both the device and the app. To compensate for weak performance, apps that create AI generated photos take longer to produce the final result, or the image quality won’t be as good as other platforms.

AI generated photos website

AI generated photos creation websites are today’s top choice for creating images from artificial intelligence. The computer is capable of processing large amounts of information with fast time and constant performance, so it can process AI images with high speed and excellent quality.


Some of the most prominent websites on the market today include DALL-E 2, Deep Dream Generator, Artbreeder, DeepAI. These are websites that are trusted by professional art creators and used for a variety of purposes.

AI generated photos discord

Discord bots are essentially services provided by many websites and appear in the chat channel as a single user. The role of this service is to create activities right in the chat channel or support member management.

Create AI generated photos with discord
Create AI generated photos with discord

AI image creation is also one of the services offered on discord as it is also a very easy to use and popular social network with many tech-savvy communities.

What can you do with an AI generated photo?

Artificial intelligence AI takes people from one surprise to another by continuously breaking the limits that humans have not been able to overcome before. With the help of AI generated photos, life becomes more colorful with the contribution of “unreal” photos.

Here are some things AI generated photos can do

AI generated photos meme

A meme is a concept, behavior, or style that is spread from person to person within an ideology usually with the purpose of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme.

Basically, a meme is a composite image for a general flow of thought or situation in society. With the ability of AI photo generators to collect and manipulate information, it is possible and promising to create funny but meaningful memes. In fact, people have already started using DALL-E as a meme generator.

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AI generated stock photos

Stock photos are photos that are widely used for special purposes. This is considered a new promising land for AI generated photos and the stock photo industry is also very welcoming of this new technology to the market. Many industries use AI generated stock images for promotional and symbolic purposes such as finance, stocks or technology.

AI generated stock photos
AI generated stock photos

AI generated full body photos

The fact that one company has “created” full-body images of 100,000 people thanks to AI has opened up a whole new branch of applications for AI generated photos. The reproduction of completely human-like details thanks to AI data sources learned online has proven it can completely replace models in performing its function in certain cases.

Although not a complete replacement, the creation of full-body photos thanks to AI helps businesses, fashion houses or advertising agencies save a considerable amount of personnel and media money.

AI generated portrait photos

In movies that use an idol of a fictional character, it’s quite disrespectful to take a picture of a real person at random. This is where AI generated photos come in. There are tools online to recreate the faces of “unreal people” for media, advertising or artistic purposes so as not to touch on related legal and human rights issues.

AI generated portrait photos
AI generated portrait photos

In short, AI generated images help a lot in the fields that need a lot of illustration, image use and high artistry such as media, advertising, cinema by creating stunning images.

Top 6 best AI generated photos app (free & paid)

Here are some of the most popular AI photo generators with the community:

Free AI generated photos

As a new technology, there are not many websites that provide services to use this technology for free, if any, it will not be able to have the same quality as the paid ones. However, here are a few that stand out the most:

Stable Diffusion

This is the newest AI generated photo maker on the market, and it’s completely FREE, and comes with amazing photo quality. This tool is easily accessible on all web browsers, and there is an additional paid option if users want access to better features with better quality.

Stable Diffusion has picture-to-picture and text-to-picture options. However, as mentioned, if using the free version, users will have to wait from 1 to 15 minutes depending on the complexity of the input data. Because the power of AI is limited and there is a queue for free users, the waiting time will not be too long.

Fotor GoArt

Fotor GoArt is suitable for beginners because of its user-friendliness and also suitable for those who want to trade NFT arts. Fotor GoArt has an inventory of more than 10000 templates for users to choose from, and you only need to wait a few minutes to see your results. Fotor GoArt focuses more on the NFT aspect, and after receiving the results, users can completely exchange it on the NFT market.

Photos created by Fotor GoArt
Photos created by Fotor GoArt

Free users will still have access to basic features, but there will be watermarks in the product. To remove them and use premium features, there are 2 paid plans for users to consider: Pro with $8.99/month and Pro+ with $19.99/month.


Artbreeder is a unique tool that converts text into beautiful artistic pictures. This tool allows users to combine both drawings and text to create a completely new picture, and it is completely free. To access all features, users will have to pay $8.99/month.

Big Sleep

Big Sleep is an AI photo creation tool specifically for technical people when operating on the Python platform. Unlike the rest of the tools on the list, Big Sleep requires users to have programming skills to operate. However, setting up use for Big Sleep is quite simple, does not require complicated knowledge or deep level. Also because it is complicated and difficult to use for newbies, this is a completely free tool.

Paid AI generated photos

Paid AI photos generators offer more features, with great image quality and incredible creativity:

Jasper Art 

Jasper Art is a program to create AI generated photos intelligently, automatically and flawlessly. You just need to input a bit of your idea, send it to the AI and continuously edit the input string until you get the result you want.

Jasper Art is extremely easy and intuitive to use with any client file. Besides, Jasper Art has all kinds of styles for users to choose from, from cartoon style, to minimalist, realistic style, as long as you can express it, AI will turn that idea into a beautiful picture.

Users can get started with Jasper Art right away for $20/month. This is a pretty minus point because there is no trial before paying for a subscription.

Night Cafe

Night Cafe is considered as one of the best AI generated photos on the market, with the most complex algorithms and the most diverse features. However, similar to Jasper Art, Night Cafe is extremely easy to use, and additionally, there is a free trial available before users make a decision whether or not to sign up for the paid plans.

The works that Night Cafe returns are unique photos, never seen and never drawn by any tools. Night Cafe has 4 subscription plans from $9.99, $19.99, $49.99 and $79.99 a month, depending on the quality and features also increase.


DALL-E-2 is an AI photo generator developed by OpenAI company, a reputable and reputable company in the field of artificial intelligence. DALL-E-2 impresses with its ability to convert text to images, with extreme realism and great artistry, suitable for many styles and can be used in many different purposes such as Design products, draw illustrations, or bring your ideas to life.

DALL-E 2 is the lastest AI photo generator from Open AI
DALL-E 2 is the lastest AI photo generator from Open AI

After a long time in beta, DALL-E-2 is now accessible but not in all countries. The price for using the features of the DALL-E-2 is from $15 a month, which is quite reasonable for the image quality and versatility of the product.

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