Wild Destiny 2 Gambit Bug Makes Player a Permanent Invader


  • Destiny 2 players discovered a bug that allowed them to invade the enemy team’s camp in Gambit for nearly three minutes, giving them an unfair advantage and confusing their opponents.
  • While bugs and glitches are not uncommon in Destiny 2, this particular bug may not get immediate attention from Bungie since it appears to be an isolated incident.
  • Bungie recently revealed details about new Light Supers and Foundry weapon crafting in upcoming updates for Destiny 2, showing that they are actively working on new content for the game.

A weird Destiny 2 bug allowed a player to invade the enemy team’s camp in Gambit for almost three minutes. Invasions in Destiny 2’s Gambit mode only last for about 30 seconds, after which the invader is returned to their base. However, a fellow Guardian had a very different experience.

Bugs and glitches have been a common sight in Destiny 2 since its launch in 2017. From Telesto breaking the game on multiple occasions to players being able to run 12-man raids, fans have seen it all. Recently, Destiny 2 players witnessed a major weapon-crafting bug that allowed players to create a broken auto-rifle, for example, that could fire multiple pellets like a shotgun, dealing massive amounts of damage. Considering this bug lasted almost an entire weekend, allowing players to complete all endgame activities with ease, the community rightly deemed it as one of the worst glitches in Destiny 2 history. While this new Gambit bug might not be as game-breaking as the weapon crafting one, it is still something Bungie may want to investigate.

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In a post on the Destiny 2 subreddit, user TAQ-2015 posted a video showing how the game allowed them to invade in Gambit for almost three minutes. Taking advantage of this, they managed to eliminate multiple members of the enemy team, who were visibly confused and struggling to locate the invader, possibly because the player was glitching all over the place. Hilariously, the invader’s teammate was also able to join them at some point during the invasion, and the duo managed to take out several enemies as well. Eventually, the one of the players in the enemy team managed to pinpoint the invader’s location and took them out, ending their streak.

Despite this proof, it seems like an isolated incident as there are no reports of other players experiencing this regularly. Considering this, the issue might not get immediate attention from Bungie, which has also made its stance regarding Gambit in Destiny 2 clear after the community’s repeated appeals for an update.

Aside from this, Bungie recently revealed more information about the three new Light Supers arriving with Destiny 2 The Final Shape. Furthermore, it also confirmed that the upcoming Season 23 will add Foundry weapon crafting, allowing players to craft Suros, Hakke, Veist, and Omolon weapons. Additionally, these weapons will no longer be found in Legendary Engrams from the world drop loot pool, and will only be at Banshee.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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