World of Warcraft Shares Which Classes Died the Most in the First Month of Classic Hardcore


  • Hunters had the most deaths by a wide margin during the first month of World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore’s one-life servers.
  • Shamans, Paladins, and Druids had the least deaths due to their limited race and faction availability.
  • Despite their tricks and abilities, Mages couldn’t survive as well as expected, according to the statistics.

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore recently revealed the classes with the most deaths during the first month of the one-life servers. Though each of the nine World of Warcraft classes had a high mortality rate, Hunters had the most deaths by a wide margin.

Classic Hardcore is World of Warcraft’s most recent twist on the retro MMO experience that began on August 24. In these realms, players who die cannot be resurrected by any means whatsoever. These characters can be transferred to normal Classic Era servers, or explore the world as ghosts, but they are otherwise unable to play the game normally.

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A little over a month later, World of Warcraft shared which classes died the most so far in Classic Hardcore. Hunters had the most deaths by a wide margin, followed by Warriors, Mages, and Rogues. While the other classes had plenty of deaths of their own, these four classes made up the vast majority of player deaths on the Classic Hardcore servers.

Because of their limited race and faction availability in World of Warcraft Classic, it makes sense that Shamans, Paladins, and Druids have the least deaths, as fewer people could play them. Priests and Warlocks, on the other hand, have an abundance of survivability and crowd control abilities, with the latter also having a pet to tank for them. Rogues and Warriors can be played by nearly any race, meaning many players will choose them, and Mages and Hunters are ranged classes with pets, crowd control, and other tricks to help them survive. However, as these statistics show, clearly those tricks weren’t enough to save them in many cases.

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Fans got a kick out of these World of Warcraft death stats. Some Classic Hardcore players admitted several of these deaths were their own fault, as they repeatedly tried and failed to reach maximum level on these servers. Others wanted to see even more WoW Classic Hardcore stats, such as the percentage of deaths compared to total characters made per class. Either way, from the attention the World of Warcraft post got, fans agreed these demographics were both fun and fascinating.

WoW Classic fans have plenty to look forward to. Patch 3.4.3 drops on October 10, with the gates of Icecrown Citadel opening for World of Warcraft Classic two days later. Additionally, BlizzCon takes place in just a few weeks, and players have reason to suspect World of Warcraft will be announcing the next big thing for Classic WoW.

World of Warcraft is available on PC.

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