World of Warcraft Trading Post Getting Quality of Life Improvements in Patch 10.2


  • World of Warcraft Patch 10.2, Guardian of the Dream, will bring new sorting and display features to the Trading Post, making it easier to navigate and browse items.
  • Players will be able to sort items in the Trading Post by name, price, or time remaining, providing more convenience and organization.
  • While fans are excited for these quality of life improvements, some are concerned about rising item prices and the inclusion of Trader’s Tender in cosmetic microtransactions, hoping that World of Warcraft will address these issues.

World of Warcraft is adding some new sort and display features to the Trading Post that will make navigating the shop even easier. These quality of life updates are expected to arrive as a part of World of Warcraft Patch 10.2, Guardian of the Dream.

The Trading Post is a relatively new feature World of Warcraft introduced in February this year. Players can complete monthly activities to earn Trader’s Tender, which they can then spend at the Trading Post on a catalog of items that rotate monthly.

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In Patch 10.2, the Trading Post is getting some helpful new features that will make browsing each month’s stock more convenient. Right now, all items in the Trading Post are sorted by price, descending from the most to the least expensive. On the Patch 10.2 Public Test Realm, players can sort items alphabetically, by price, or by their duration they will be available in both ascending and descending order. Additionally, a new section is being added to World of Warcraft’s Trading Post for items returning from previous months.

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Now that the Trading Post is rapidly approaching its one-year anniversary, it makes sense that World of Warcraft is continuing to improve the feature’s UI. The Trading Post is an evergreen feature World of Warcraft plans to carry forward into future expansions, so consistent updates to it will be integral towards keeping it fun, engaging, and approachable.

Fans are looking forward to these quality of life improvements to the Trading Post. While each month’s catalog of Trading Post items in World of Warcraft is not too large on its own, recent catalogs have had some items up for multiple months in a row, and more repeat offerings have begun to appear on its stock, making the process more complicated. These sorting options will help players organize their thoughts and better budget their limited supply of Trader’s Tender.

However, not everyone is happy about what World of Warcraft has been doing to the Trading Post lately. The average prices of items, and the total cost of items on the Trading Post, have been steadily increasing each month. To make matters worse, World of Warcraft has begun a troubling trend of including Trader’s Tender as a part of certain cosmetic microtransactions. Many fans fear this precedent is transforming the Trading Post into another cash grab, ruining something they were otherwise excited for. Luckily, the Trading Post is not beyond redemption yet, so hopefully World of Warcraft listens to feedback so it can keep the feature fun and rewarding without the need to spend real money.

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World of Warcraft is available on PC.

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