Xbox 360 Fan Makes Strange Discovery at Thrift Store


  • The Xbox 360 remains a beloved favorite among hardcore gamers even almost 18 years after its release, with some games still having an active online scene.
  • A Redditor discovered a bizarre piece of Xbox 360 merchandise, a silver lunch tray with the console’s logo, which was actually a commemorative token given to assembly workers.
  • This discovery proves that it’s never too late to uncover cool facts about the Xbox 360, and gamers are excited to see what other surprising insights will be uncovered.

An Xbox 360 fan discovered something cool while dropping by a thrift store, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the console. The Xbox 360 may be almost eighteen years old, but it’s never too late to make some discoveries about it.

The Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s second foray into the gaming industry, first dropping in late 2005 and has since been critically acclaimed and sold around 84 million units as of 2014, becoming the tenth bestselling video game console of all time. It also had an impressive lifespan of almost eleven years, which at the time was unusual for a console. To this day, the 360 remains a favorite among hardcore gamers, with several of its games maintaining an active online scene years after its discontinuing, although some of the Xbox 360’s services are slowly starting to wind down.

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It’s not uncommon for video game consoles to receive merchandise that has nothing to do with gaming, and the Xbox 360 was no different. Reddit user ben__hen discovered a bizarre piece of merchandise during a thrifting spree. It takes the form of a silver lunch tray with the console’s logo on it alongside its release date and the words, “China Tour of Duty.” They expressed that they had no idea what it was originally intended for, aside from holding food, of course. Gamers have been known to make unusual finds at thrift stores on numerous occasions, and this is just one of many examples.

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One Redditor revealed that the tray was originally handed out for assembly workers who worked overtime to build Xbox 360 consoles, acting as a commemorative token of appreciation of sorts. Others expressed an interest in owning such a tray for themselves, whether just to eat off it or just to have it on display as part of a merchandise collection. Some users joked that they might use the tray either to assemble blunts, or to take apart the Xbox 360’s iconic controller and reassemble it with customized parts.

The Xbox 360 was a feature in the childhoods of millions of gamers, and is just two years away from turning twenty. But this gamer’s discovery proves that it’s never too late to discover cool facts about something this old. It should be cool to see what other bizarre discoveries players make about the 360.

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