Xbox Game Pass Game Leaves Early Access


  • Roboquest, an FPS game with roguelite elements, has left early access and joined Xbox Game Pass as a full 1.0 release, offering new levels, enemies, weapons, and perks.
  • Xbox Game Pass continues to add smaller quality titles like Roboquest, showcasing the service’s diverse library and commitment to offering a variety of games.
  • Roboquest stands out with its unique cell-shaded art style and co-op gameplay, making it a worthwhile addition for fans of the genre on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass title Roboquest is leaving early access but rejoining the subscription service as a full 1.0 release. Roboquest joined the Game Pass Game Preview program in January of this year, but the team at RyseUp Studios is now ready to showcase the final product.

While Xbox Game Pass has offered bigger games each month this fall between Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, the service has also done a good job peppering in smaller quality titles. Indie games like Jusant are scoring rave reviews from critics and quietly bolstering the service’s library. Not to mention, Game Pass is scoring major wins by landing JRPGs Persona 5 Tactica and Persona 3 Reload as day one releases on the subscription service. Just recently, Xbox Game Pass added a day one title with great reviews, and now it looks as though it’s potentially about to get another.

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Roboquest has left early access and has fully launched on Xbox Game Pass for cloud, console, and PC. Roboquest is an FPS game with roguelite elements that can be played in either singleplayer or two-player co-op. The cell-shaded title features frantic, fast-paced run and gun gameplay that changes with each playthrough. In roguelite fashion, the upgrades can be found throughout the game making subsequent runs easier. The game has been in early access since 2020, but it is finally getting a full release. A short trailer for the 1.0 launch was released, showing off the game’s stylish action combat and various customization options.

The game is also available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, GOG, GeForce Now, and the Epic Games Store. While there aren’t any critical reviews for the game yet, Steam users have rated the game as very positive. By all accounts, gamers have been liking the early access title, but players can enjoy even more content with the final release version. The move to 1.0 comes with new levels, enemies, weapons, and perks previously unavailable in early access. Roboquest joins at least eight other games coming to Xbox Game Pass in November.

There are already a ton of great co-op games on Xbox Game Pass, but there’s always room for more. The service also features quite a collection of fantastic roguelites, but few, if any, feature the colorful cell-shaded look that Roboquest is offering. Both its unique art style as well as the co-op gaming possibilities make Roboquest worth checking out for fans of the genre.

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