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Xbox Reveals Gold Shadow Special Edition Controller


A new design for the Xbox Wireless Controller has been announced, based on the popular Xbox One Shadow series designs first released in 2016. Introducing the Xbox Wireless Controller Gold Shadow Special Edition, which features a matte gold coloring that fades to black from top to bottom. The Xbox Gold Shadow controller will be available for a limited time starting mid-October, though pre-orders are available now.

Xbox fans will recall the Shadow series of Xbox One wireless controllers released during the past generation of consoles. The line started in 2016 with the release of the Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow controllers, which featured a gradient effect with the color fading to black. Over the next three years, Xbox would go on to release multiple additional Shadow controllers, including the Dawn, Ocean, and Volcano variants. A trio of Phantom controllers were also released, swapping the Shadow line’s gradient to black with a gradient to translucency.

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It’s been over three years since Xbox released its final Phantom controller, which is the most recent of the gradient controller designs. Now Xbox is bringing the design back for the Xbox Series X/S. The Xbox Wireless Controller Gold Shadow Special Edition features a silky gradient of matte gold to deep black, going from the top of the controller to the bottom. With black buttons, joysticks, and triggers, and a gold hybrid d-pad, it’s difficult to disagree that the Gold Shadow isn’t one of Xbox’s best-looking controller designs.

While the new Gold Shadow controller’s name implies its availability will be limited, it’s unclear if that’s true. It may be a Special Edition that sticks around for a while. What is clear is that the Gold Shadow controller will launch on October 17 through most major retailers. It’ll retail for $69.99, the standard price for Xbox controllers with more complex designs. Pre-orders for the Gold Shadow controller should be available starting today.

Outside the unique coloring, there’s nothing about the Xbox Gold Shadow controller that separates it from other Xbox Wireless Controllers. This is not an Xbox Elite controller. It does support both wireless and Bluetooth, though, and it’s compatible with the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, as well as PC, iOS, or Android devices.

Xbox frequently releases new Xbox controller designs, offering a diverse line-up of great controller styles for Xbox players to choose from. There’s also the Xbox Design Lab, which allows Xbox users to customize their own design. Perhaps if the Gold Shadow is popular, Xbox might add the Shadow gradient to the Xbox Design Lab as a customization option. For now, the Gold Shadow is available for Xbox users to purchase.

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