Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds NPC-Powered Flyer


  • Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players continue to come up with innovative contraptions, like an NPC-powered flyer, showcasing the game’s building mechanics.
  • The flyer, created by a Reddit user, uses Zonai Carts and a Hover Stone to trap an NPC and generate momentum, allowing the player to fly across Hyrule.
  • The flyer’s creator took a two-minute journey from the Snowfield Stable to Martha’s Landing, demonstrating its impressive capabilities.

A Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player has recently gone online to share a wildly absurd but surprisingly effective NPC-powered flyer. Their curious creation is just the latest in a long list of inventions stemming from Tears of the Kingdom‘s ever-evolving building meta.

October 12 will mark the five-month anniversary of Tears of the Kingdom’s critically acclaimed release. And while many players have long since beaten the latest Zelda game, some of them are still fully engulfed in its building mechanics, as underlined by the continued influx of increasingly convoluted Tears of the Kingdom contraptions making their way online.

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The latest piece of evidence testifying to that trend comes in the form of an NPC-powered flyer that was recently put together by Reddit user divlogue. The machine consists of four Zonai Carts and one Hover Stone that extends into a single Stabilizer, positioned at approximately 45 degrees relative to the rest of the platform in order to angle the vehicle slightly upward. As for how this peculiar contraption generates momentum, the trick comes down to trapping an NPC in between its carts before attaching a Zonai Stabilizer to the rest of the construction.

Activating the invention provides it with steady acceleration by seemingly abusing the mechanic that normally sees characters slip from Zonai devices. But since this unusual machine was designed specifically to prevent NPCs from getting out of its way, it effectively tricks the game into accelerating the trapped character, and by extent the surrounding Zonai devices, indefinitely. Demonstrating the vehicle’s capabilities, its creator flew from Tears of the Kingdom’s Snowfield Stable in the northwest corner of Hyrule all the way to Martha’s Landing in the south. The trip took less than two minutes, including the intermittent pauses that the game had to make to load the terrain due to how fast the player was moving.

The fan credited Japanese YouTuber maythzelda for discovering the underlying technique of NPC-powered flight. And while the method itself could theoretically be used with any unsuspecting character encountered throughout Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, divlogue advised trapping NPCs that don’t run away when Link is using Ultrahand, most of whom can be found near the game’s many stables.

This surprisingly effective flying contraption is not the first unique invention that the game’s fandom has created since the turn of the season. In late September, one crafty player perfected land traversal with a genius Tears of the Kingdom vehicle that uses three steering sticks.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Switch.

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