Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Deletes Enemy with Weaponized Bees


  • A player in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom used bees to delete enemies, showcasing the clever inventions players have created.
  • The player’s “Trojan Horse” carriage is equipped with Zonai Beam Emitters and a defensive palisade, making it a powerful single-target artillery.
  • By throwing bees into the mix, the connected cannon attacks much faster, allowing the player to defeat strong enemies in under 15 seconds.

One crafty player found a way to delete enemies in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom by weaponizing bees. Their ingenious invention is yet another item for the collection of clever creations that Tears of the Kingdom players put together since the Breath of the Wild sequel hit the market.

While many fans have experimenting with the game’s building mechanics for months now, most such efforts have so far been focused on standalone constructions. The sheer flexibility of machines like cars and airplanes makes it easy to forget that the game also allows players to build fairly complex carriages by equipping their Tears of the Kingdom horses with towing harnesses.

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In a rare demonstration of one such clever contraption, Reddit user Redstonia_ recently created what they dubbed a “Trojan Horse.” The cheekily named device is actually a Tears of the Kingdom carriage equipped with a handful of Zonai Beam Emitters mounted on an auto-targeting Construct Head. That piece of makeshift heavy weaponry is separated from the harness with a defensive palisade made of Zonai Carts, with the entire construction sitting on another one of these wagons.

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On its own, this war carriage packs enough firepower to dispatch most enemies in due time. But what truly makes it stand out is the ingenuity of its application that Redstonia_ came up with, turning a modestly maneuverable cannon into a devastating piece of single-target artillery. The player’s strategy consists of positioning the carriage for an attack while wearing Majora’s Mask, which minimizes the chance of Link being noticed by enemies, before activating the vehicle by hitting it with an arrow fused with Courser Bee Honey.

Throwing bees into the mix makes the connected cannon go into overdrive, attacking every 8 frames instead of 30. This rapid fire mode of the Zonai Beam Emitter is normally only activated when multiple enemies are around, but as this crafty fan found out, a relatively harmless bee swarm still registers as an enemy, making the laser cannon attack 3.75 times faster than usual. A video demonstration of the device that the fan shared on Reddit saw them delete a helpless Silver Lizalfos—one of Tears of the Kingdom‘s beefiest common mobs—in under 15 seconds using this clever strategy.

Apart from delivering a rare example of impressive custom carriage design, Redstonia_ thus successfully pioneered the concept of weaponizing bees for the purpose of boosting in-game turrets. Their playfully named contraption emerged online just a few months after another Tears of the Kingdom player built an actual Trojan Horse using Ultrahand.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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